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I resisted the urge to create this page for a long time - I finally gave in and needed to have a public place to ramble on after watching one too many news reports about the "anti-war" protestors and their antics. That and the not-so-subtle political jabs I witness all day at work. They come from people who think they're clever and cute, but in reality are just lame and end up saying "I support Saddam" with their "peace at all costs" views. Instead of decorating my office door at work, I decided to post this page.



Let's cut right to the chase - I think President George W. Bush is doing a pretty good job. I voted for him, I think he's doing a darned good job of running the country (a heck of a lot better than Slick Willie), and I support what he is doing in Iraq. Even more, I support our troops who are over there and in harms way. Along those lines, I am getting pretty fed up with whiny protestors that feel they have to break stuff and spray paint windows to be heard. Read any of the new articles about the protests here in Seattle? Very sad, indeed. (here, here, and here) Many of the so called "anti-war protestors" are just common thugs looking for an excuse to do stuff they shouldn't be doing. While I don't think much of the opinion put forth by the "real" protestors, they're getting drowned out by a wave of stupid things happening at their marches and protests. (Best so far was the person arrested for hitting a police horse...) As a contrast, check out the "support the troops" rally that was held in Bellevue recently (here and here) - about 6000 people showed up, and they managed to not need any police present to control anything - they even stayed on the sidewalk and did not block traffic. This rally was much larger than the anti-war protests in downtown Seattle (which happened the day before, an excellent compare and contrast) with about 2000 people - the difference could not have been greater. On one side you had respectful and law-abiding citizens speaking their minds vs. semi-lawless thugs screaming, hollering, blocking the streets, and vandalizing things. It's like a miniature version of WTO all over again, except the Seattle police are (thankfully) better prepared this time.

The actual thing that pushed me over the edge was a TV news report I saw from the downtown Seattle protests. I don't even remember what station it was on, but the "reporter on the street" got some guy on tape ranting about how "I'm just here protesting peacefully, and the police are down at the end of the street so that if I cross that line, they're there with guns to stop me". Um, excuse me, but last time I checked that's the job of the police and I'm glad they do it. We back up the law with the force of a gun - always have, and (hopefully) we always will. If you break laws and "cross that line", the police are there to stop you, arrest you, and cart you away from the rest of us. You can have an opinion, and you can even stand in the street and shout it to anyone who can hear it. But you in no way have the right to do whatever you want because you are protesting something. There are limits - and if you exceed those limits, then I sure do hope the nice officers with the guns are there to deal with you. Since you think it's your right to do whatever you want to, well, that's kind of why the police are there waiting for you - you have told them you will do something they are bound by law and oath to arrest you for. Given that, you pretty much deserve whatever you get. Sure, you'll scream "brutality" all the way to the jail cell, but you probably wouldn't know real brutality if it fell on you. I'd suggest going over to Iraq and protesting there; but Saddam and his cronies might give you a taste of what you're trying so hard to defend. And I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Not even the "anti-war" protestors. 



There are some interesting things out there for those of you who (like me) are tired of the ceaseless rantings of the anti-war crowd. For the media items, I have a local cached copy in case the original goes down.

Also, I found some good humor at the Bellevue pro-troops rally. Someone cut up the "No Iraq War" sign and reassembled it with something a bit more positive. I wish they were selling these - I'd buy one and tack this in my car. It would achieve two worthwhile goals - I could show my support and annoy the "peace at all costs" crowd at the same time.



Lastly, I found a page with a ton of patriotic graphics on it, so I'm posting a few of them here and elsewhere on my site. I am using them for free thanks to the the good graces of the person who created them. To help say "thanks" for that, I'm going to repeat the original request that they are free for the taking, so long as you do not alter them and you simply use them as-is.

Comments? Kudos? Got some parts you'd like to buy/sell/barter/swap? Nasty comments about my web page so far? You can email Mike or Debbie.

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