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If you, your employer, or your business are mentioned on this page - take pride in what you do and where you work. You are getting the best kind of advertising possible - free advertising and endorsements from an incredibly satisfied customer. If you are reading this page wondering if you should do business with these folks or not, I think these folks are very worthy places to spend your hard-earned money.


Eastside Insulation - you rock! These guys are simply put, the folks you need to call for all of your insulation needs. They do great work, have great prices compared to anyone else I could find in my area, and I wholeheartedly recommend them to everyone I know. If you want spray foam installed in your house, you need to call them now. Seriously. Stop reading and go call them. Now. :-) They were pros, and did a great job on all of my projects; everything from showing up on time, to putting plastic down on everything to ensure no mess, and cleaning up everything after they were done. Had I not been home when they showed up to do the work, I would never known they had been there except for the fact that my house was now quieter and better insulated. They were also super courteous and helpful throughout the entire project. I had some specific requirements for how I worked my spray foam insulation work around my work on various other projects, and they got it done perfectly. The improvement was immediately noticeable. My floors are quieter, the house is tighter (fewer drafts), and there is less noise coming in from outside. Closed cell spray foam costs more than fiberglass or even open celled foam, but it is well worth the money in my opinion.




PAE Enterprises - Buick Engine Specialists - You rock! The story here is one of getting a simple, but specialty drill bit that I needed to do a rebuild on a 1969 Buick 430 engine. In addition to good prices on a custom rebuild kit for my specific needs and great advice on helping me pick the right parts, the story of getting the right drill bit to me is what takes these guys from "good" to "awesome". It is one of those things that shows some great customer service from a business - even when a mistake happens - can turn someone into a customer for life. The story starts with the initial shipment of parts and drill bits for my rebuild. Purely by accident, Jim shipped me a 1/2" drill bit instead of the 9/16" one I needed. It was a simple mistake; no big deal - and Jim was more than willing to send me the bit ASAP. The problem was that when Jim went back to get another 9/16" drill bit from his supplier, they were on backorder - and I was waiting on that bit to move my engine rebuild project forward. That could have been the end of it - me waiting for the drill bit to come in and waiting to complete my project. What makes this great is that without my asking, Jim offered to send me his 9/16" bit and he'd get a new one as soon as they were off backorder. He made the mistake and sent the wrong tool, and he wanted to make it right. Wow - now that's customer service! I couldn't in good conscience leave a great Buick engine builder like Jim without his trusty 9/16" drill bit for rebuilding the 1967 to 1970 Buick engines, so I told him I'd drill out the holes in my engine block that needed it, send the bit back to him, and then he can send me my drill bit (for use in a possible future engine rebuild) when the backorder comes in. I need the drill bit way less than he does. Jim's simple act of sending me that drill bit pretty much earned him a customer for life, and ensures that I'll mention his name and business every time I talk about my rebuild. PAE Enterprises rocks because Jim runs the place like a good business ought to be run. I give them my business, and I think you should to. :-)

NOTE: As of early 2010, it seems PAE Enterprises has more or less imploded and the quality of their work has gone downhill pretty badly. The website is offline as of March 2010 and some of the popular Buick messages boards are full of complaints about Jim. I have no idea what happened, but something clearly did. That's a bummer, because Jim clearly understood good customer service at one point, and did some very good work. Reading over the body of complaints out there, I get the sense of a business gone bad via mounting bills causing folks to cut corners to try and keep things going. Once you get into that sort of death spiral, it's just a matter of time.



Parrott's Landscape Machinery, Inc. - You rock! My generator failed in the middle of a serious/extended power outage, and I needed to get it repaired. Every generator in the state seemed to be sold, every place I called to get repairs done said "sorry, 4-6 weeks", and I couldn't even find parts in stock to try and fix things myself. I stumbled across Parrott's when searching for parts dealers in my area, and when I called them I asked about service to see if they could get it done sometime soon. Not only could they - they got it done the same day! Less than 4 hours after I dropped my generator off to them, it was returned to me in perfect working order. Wow! Same day service is unheard of anyway; and to get it when we were under such nasty conditions was bordering on the miraculous. What really put this one over the top was that the cost was even reasonable - just an hour of labor charges and I was happily on my way. The problem was a simple carb issue (it needed to be cleaned out) and they had to undo some brain-dead "reversed wires" mistakes I made in putting the wires onto the on/off switch while trying to repair the generator earlier in the day. They were cheery, helpful, and willing to put in a few extra hours in the evening to help folks who needed their generators working during a wide-spread power outage. As I was talking with the service tech I found out that I was but one of many repairs that they turned around that day - so it seems a lot of other folks already knew about, or just found out about, these great folks. They are yet another business that has my business for life courtesy of a few simple actions when I was in need. I'm sure they raked in a ton of cash from the extra service work they did during that power outage, and the good will and great PR they generated by being willing to do a few extra hours of work is priceless - you simply can't buy this kind of advertising or customer loyalty. You have to earn it. And they did. I think all of my small engines - mower, weed whacker, chain saw, and (of course) generator - have a new designated service center. If you're in the Woodinville, WA area and you need service or sales for small engine powered equipment, then I think you should give these folks a call. I did, and it was well worth it.

NOTE: It appears Parrott's was sold off to a larger company sometime in 2008/2009 and they folded up the previous location in the Woodinville, WA area and moved down south of Bellevue somewhere. Why do all of the good places seem to go away? Ugh.

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