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This is the "Editorial Page" on our site. I add fun little stuff here that doesn't have a home elsewhere, along with commentary, and rants about specific things that irk me. All opinions expressed here are purely my own - if you don't like 'em, bummer. Put up your own website with a page griping about my website. Ask me nicely (or even nastily but creatively) and I'll put a link to it here.

I also have some more rants about specific businesses that have annoyed me.

I also have some praise for businesses that have the sort of customer service that makes people want to spend more money with them.

Comments? Kudos? Got some parts you'd like to buy/sell/barter/swap? Nasty comments about my web page so far? You can email Mike or Debbie.

Pretty much everything on this website is copyrighted, if you want to use something, ask first.

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