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Happy First Birthday!

The big 1 year - Caitlin's having a blast. The party was fun, lots of family and friends were here, and the gift pile was enormous! We had three digital cameras present, so there are plenty of photos to check out once I get all of them uploaded to the website.

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A friend who came over for the birthday party brought a camera that does short QuickTime movies. We tried to convert them to .AVI files but couldn't find any program that would do it properly, so here they are as-is.

NOTE: You will need QuickTime (a free download from installed to view these movies.


More pictures

She's becoming quite mobile now and much more coordinated in many ways. The fun part is now beginning. :-)

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Caitlin's Second Easter

Grandma Mac got her a cute dress for Easter Service, and ever the show-off, Caitlin modeled it for some pictures before we headed off to church.

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Olive Fingers

Mom loves to eat olives off her fingers, so she decided to teach Caitlin some of her own bad habits. :-)    "It's tradition" says her mommy, "her brothers did it and so should she!".

CaitlinPhotos652.jpg (321963 bytes) CaitlinPhotos653.jpg (305030 bytes) CaitlinPhotos654.jpg (298786 bytes) CaitlinPhotos655.jpg (278408 bytes)            


Battle Scars!

Well folks, she's officially walking more than crawling, and here's her first official battle scar from walking. She fell and hit her lip - these were taken right after the fall. The next day (mom forgot to get a picture) her whole lip was swollen to twice it's size and black and blue. She looked a lot better a couple days later after the small scab formed. It didn't stop her from eating, talking, and smiling at everyone. She does suck on her lip a bit funny right now, though...

  CaitlinPhotos670.jpg (36095 bytes) CaitlinPhotos671.jpg (33899 bytes) CaitlinPhotos672.jpg (32405 bytes)


More Photos

Caitlin is now exploring all sorts of new things, she's doing a lot better with this grass stuff than she was a month or so ago.

CaitlinPhotos673.jpg (437173 bytes) CaitlinPhotos674.jpg (415486 bytes)

These were taken while I was working on the front pond. Caitlin came out to visit, so I took a break and had some fun for a while.

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More random photos.

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More Movies

Another visit to the Grandparents, and their camera does short movies. Enjoy.



A Visit from the Family

My sister came out for a visit and we got a few photos of her with Caitlin. My sister shot a bunch of photos, but her camera isn't digital so those pictures are not available here and may never be. Bummer.

CaitlinPhotos696.jpg (415394 bytes) CaitlinPhotos697.jpg (402079 bytes) CaitlinPhotos698.jpg (438082 bytes) CaitlinPhotos699.jpg (457251 bytes)


First Popsicle

It hit 93 degrees here recently, so we decided it was as good a time as any to give Caitlin a popsicle to see what she did with it. We wisely decided to strip her down to a diaper first in case she made a mess of things. She loved it and figured it out pretty quickly, though we held off on letting her hold the popsicle herself - she was prone to swinging it around and dropping it in the grass. :-)

CaitlinPhotos700.jpg (334648 bytes) CaitlinPhotos701.jpg (326699 bytes)


More Photos

No particular single reason. Just more photos.

CaitlinPhotos702.jpg (355952 bytes) CaitlinPhotos703.jpg (297041 bytes) CaitlinPhotos704.jpg (347819 bytes) CaitlinPhotos705.jpg (314194 bytes) CaitlinPhotos706.jpg (281494 bytes) CaitlinPhotos707.jpg (344948 bytes) CaitlinPhotos708.jpg (283460 bytes) CaitlinPhotos709.jpg (276611 bytes) CaitlinPhotos710.jpg (272643 bytes) CaitlinPhotos711.jpg (349253 bytes) CaitlinPhotos712.jpg (352974 bytes) CaitlinPhotos713.jpg (319234 bytes) CaitlinPhotos714.jpg (305428 bytes) CaitlinPhotos715.jpg (365448 bytes) CaitlinPhotos716.jpg (364825 bytes) CaitlinPhotos717.jpg (322663 bytes) CaitlinPhotos718.jpg (307444 bytes) CaitlinPhotos719.jpg (315419 bytes) CaitlinPhotos720.jpg (309612 bytes) CaitlinPhotos721.jpg (292441 bytes) CaitlinPhotos722.jpg (299263 bytes) CaitlinPhotos723.jpg (295534 bytes) CaitlinPhotos724.jpg (311283 bytes) CaitlinPhotos725.jpg (297982 bytes) CaitlinPhotos726.jpg (295050 bytes) CaitlinPhotos727.jpg (300598 bytes) CaitlinPhotos728.jpg (218214 bytes) CaitlinPhotos729.jpg (361262 bytes) CaitlinPhotos730.jpg (354736 bytes) CaitlinPhotos731.jpg (353965 bytes) CaitlinPhotos732.jpg (322912 bytes) CaitlinPhotos733.jpg (327973 bytes) CaitlinPhotos734.jpg (303548 bytes) CaitlinPhotos735.jpg (318335 bytes) CaitlinPhotos736.jpg (318448 bytes) CaitlinPhotos737.jpg (337886 bytes) CaitlinPhotos738.jpg (492487 bytes) CaitlinPhotos739.jpg (410916 bytes) CaitlinPhotos740.jpg (331635 bytes) CaitlinPhotos741.jpg (292712 bytes) CaitlinPhotos742.jpg (349893 bytes) CaitlinPhotos743.jpg (339056 bytes) CaitlinPhotos744.jpg (301416 bytes) CaitlinPhotos745.jpg (239778 bytes) CaitlinPhotos746.jpg (364127 bytes) CaitlinPhotos747.jpg (327665 bytes) CaitlinPhotos748.jpg (342071 bytes) CaitlinPhotos749.jpg (305043 bytes) CaitlinPhotos750.jpg (312875 bytes) CaitlinPhotos751.jpg (241696 bytes) CaitlinPhotos752.jpg (245331 bytes)


A Visit From Grandma Rowand

We may be on the opposite coast, but my mother keeps turning up regularly. I think she should get a video camera on her computer so we could video conference and she can see/talk to Caitlin more often - it's cheaper than airfare and you can do it every day if you want to. :-)

CaitlinPhotos753.jpg (325362 bytes) CaitlinPhotos754.jpg (320074 bytes) CaitlinPhotos755.jpg (324362 bytes) CaitlinPhotos756.jpg (315399 bytes) CaitlinPhotos757.jpg (298677 bytes) CaitlinPhotos758.jpg (335185 bytes) CaitlinPhotos759.jpg (287204 bytes) CaitlinPhotos760.jpg (278613 bytes) CaitlinPhotos761.jpg (275018 bytes)



We got a little snow one morning, so we woke Caitlin up and let her play in it a bit before I went to work.

CaitlinPhotos762.jpg (363577 bytes) CaitlinPhotos763.jpg (426866 bytes) CaitlinPhotos764.jpg (407571 bytes) CaitlinPhotos765.jpg (395256 bytes) CaitlinPhotos766.jpg (363758 bytes)



Mmm. Meat good. Check out that drumstick!

CaitlinPhotos767.jpg (302106 bytes) CaitlinPhotos768.jpg (293601 bytes) CaitlinPhotos769.jpg (288266 bytes)


The Great Rowand Power Outage of 2003

We had a huge windstorm and we lost power for the better part of four days. There was a lot to cleanup in the yard and we ended up in a hotel for one night because no power = no heat.

CaitlinPhotos770.jpg (401843 bytes) CaitlinPhotos771.jpg (417216 bytes) CaitlinPhotos772.jpg (408012 bytes) CaitlinPhotos773.jpg (348324 bytes) CaitlinPhotos774.jpg (233399 bytes)


Buick Club Christmas Party

Caitlin attended the annual Christmas Party for our local chapter of the BCA, and she was pretty cute too. Sorry for the dark pictures.

CaitlinPhotos775.jpg (287135 bytes) CaitlinPhotos776.jpg (235660 bytes) CaitlinPhotos777.jpg (300239 bytes) CaitlinPhotos778.jpg (357620 bytes) CaitlinPhotos779.jpg (294387 bytes) CaitlinPhotos780.jpg (357199 bytes) CaitlinPhotos781.jpg (357696 bytes)


Daddy's Little Helper

I had 14 tons of gravel delivered to finish off my side driveway. Mommy was sick, so Caitlin got to come out and be Daddy's Little Helper - aka, "let's go play in the dirt". It took her a bit, but she got the idea of shoveling gravel into her bucket and dumping it away from the big gravel pile. Before she got the process figured out it was kind of funny -  after I dumped the first bucket out, she got upset and kept trying to shovel the freshly dumped gravel back into the bucket... :-)

CaitlinPhotos782.jpg (314238 bytes) CaitlinPhotos783.jpg (305293 bytes) CaitlinPhotos784.jpg (414168 bytes) CaitlinPhotos785.jpg (399946 bytes) CaitlinPhotos786.jpg (384989 bytes) CaitlinPhotos787.jpg (302251 bytes) CaitlinPhotos788.jpg (390488 bytes)

CaitlinPhotos789.jpg (327476 bytes) CaitlinPhotos790.jpg (325609 bytes) CaitlinPhotos791.jpg (319997 bytes) CaitlinPhotos792.jpg (336304 bytes)


Christmas 2003

Caitlin is finally getting the idea behind unwrapping presents and she had a blast. The number of gifts was pure overkill, though - I think the grandparents went a tad overboard on gifts here. She has more toys than she'll ever be able to play with and enough stuffed animals as big or bigger than her to get lost in the pile. Still, the clothes are always welcome and the Leapfrog learning toys are great. Maybe I'm just jealous. :-)

CaitlinPhotos793.jpg (329725 bytes) CaitlinPhotos794.jpg (324988 bytes) CaitlinPhotos795.jpg (377007 bytes) CaitlinPhotos796.jpg (329242 bytes) CaitlinPhotos797.jpg (332152 bytes) CaitlinPhotos798.jpg (360682 bytes) CaitlinPhotos799.jpg (383790 bytes) CaitlinPhotos800.jpg (346089 bytes) CaitlinPhotos801.jpg (377667 bytes) CaitlinPhotos802.jpg (366366 bytes) CaitlinPhotos803.jpg (368565 bytes) CaitlinPhotos804.jpg (373735 bytes) CaitlinPhotos805.jpg (378310 bytes) CaitlinPhotos806.jpg (394789 bytes) CaitlinPhotos807.jpg (349620 bytes) CaitlinPhotos808.jpg (321311 bytes) CaitlinPhotos809.jpg (310377 bytes) CaitlinPhotos810.jpg (343470 bytes) CaitlinPhotos811.jpg (266484 bytes) CaitlinPhotos812.jpg (281257 bytes) CaitlinPhotos813.jpg (377895 bytes) CaitlinPhotos814.jpg (382454 bytes) CaitlinPhotos815.jpg (381415 bytes) CaitlinPhotos816.jpg (337228 bytes) CaitlinPhotos817.jpg (343617 bytes) CaitlinPhotos818.jpg (356869 bytes) CaitlinPhotos819.jpg (351943 bytes) CaitlinPhotos820.jpg (364424 bytes)


Let It Snow!

It snowed, so we hauled Caitlin outside to make a snowman, make a snow angel, and to let her have some fun playing in it before it melted.

CaitlinPhotos821.jpg (248891 bytes) CaitlinPhotos822.jpg (240091 bytes) CaitlinPhotos823.jpg (270421 bytes) CaitlinPhotos824.jpg (263143 bytes) CaitlinPhotos825.jpg (250527 bytes) CaitlinPhotos826.jpg (274570 bytes) CaitlinPhotos827.jpg (215159 bytes) CaitlinPhotos828.jpg (235519 bytes) CaitlinPhotos829.jpg (235978 bytes)



 More random photos...

CaitlinPhotos830.jpg (361938 bytes) CaitlinPhotos831.jpg (439726 bytes) CaitlinPhotos832.jpg (342807 bytes)



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