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Happy 2nd Birthday!

Birthday pictures from the party we had at our house (one of three parties she ended up having), plus one extra uninvited guest.

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She's paying more attention to the computer now - that's my girl!

CaitlinPhotos860.jpg (374996 bytes) CaitlinPhotos861.jpg (366043 bytes)

We went to a Wiggles concert with some friends of ours, and everyone had a blast. Caitlin was wiggling and dancing her little heart out for some of the more active numbers. Too bad my camera can't shoot short movies...

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We also took a trip to the Woodland Park Zoo with Grandma Rowand. It was Caitlin's first time at the zoo, and she really enjoyed it - particularly the otters. I took photos of Caitlin; the animals are pretty standard zoo-fare, so I wasn't very interested in recording them. Except the peacock that we came across (they let a few roam free on the grounds) sitting just off one of the paths and then on one of the roofs. Caitlin thought it was very pretty.

CaitlinPhotos903.jpg (301168 bytes) CaitlinPhotos904.jpg (479905 bytes) CaitlinPhotos905.jpg (420622 bytes) CaitlinPhotos906.jpg (430764 bytes) CaitlinPhotos907.jpg (292719 bytes) CaitlinPhotos908.jpg (484459 bytes) CaitlinPhotos909.jpg (486527 bytes) CaitlinPhotos910.jpg (528077 bytes) CaitlinPhotos911.jpg (395671 bytes) CaitlinPhotos912.jpg (420256 bytes) CaitlinPhotos913.jpg (319764 bytes) CaitlinPhotos914.jpg (240597 bytes) CaitlinPhotos915.jpg (334183 bytes) CaitlinPhotos916.jpg (317437 bytes) CaitlinPhotos917.jpg (280960 bytes) CaitlinPhotos918.jpg (478510 bytes) CaitlinPhotos919.jpg (372195 bytes) CaitlinPhotos920.jpg (333499 bytes) CaitlinPhotos921.jpg (435598 bytes) CaitlinPhotos922.jpg (373633 bytes) CaitlinPhotos923.jpg (443572 bytes) CaitlinPhotos924.jpg (404147 bytes) CaitlinPhotos925.jpg (202235 bytes) CaitlinPhotos926.jpg (207288 bytes) CaitlinPhotos927.jpg (342252 bytes) CaitlinPhotos928.jpg (288741 bytes) CaitlinPhotos929.jpg (351918 bytes) CaitlinPhotos930.jpg (316759 bytes)

Easter Sunday

CaitlinPhotos931.jpg (371285 bytes) CaitlinPhotos932.jpg (345454 bytes) CaitlinPhotos933.jpg (380781 bytes) CaitlinPhotos934.jpg (363607 bytes)

Swimming with Grandma Rowand.

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Eating corn on the cob...

CaitlinPhotos944.jpg (309621 bytes)

Time for a big-girl bed...

CaitlinPhotos945.jpg (274883 bytes) CaitlinPhotos946.jpg (309075 bytes)

We fired up the sprinkler system for the first watering of the spring to test things out, and we decided to let Caitlin enjoy running through them since they had to run through a watering cycle anyway...

CaitlinPhotos947.jpg (368433 bytes) CaitlinPhotos948.jpg (423317 bytes)

More various photos...

CaitlinPhotos949.jpg (367723 bytes) CaitlinPhotos950.jpg (298834 bytes)

Caitlin wants to work on the computer just like Daddy does...

CaitlinPhotos951.jpg (310724 bytes) CaitlinPhotos952.jpg (303887 bytes)

Mmmm...Ice Cream... Yummy...

CaitlinPhotos953.jpg (1652407 bytes) CaitlinPhotos954.jpg (1661181 bytes) CaitlinPhotos955.jpg (1435947 bytes)

Helping Daddy out in the backyard...

CaitlinPhotos956.jpg (1414685 bytes) CaitlinPhotos957.jpg (1399967 bytes) CaitlinPhotos958.jpg (1535464 bytes)

Indoor picnic...

CaitlinPhotos959.jpg (1389660 bytes) CaitlinPhotos960.jpg (1441384 bytes) CaitlinPhotos961.jpg (1665679 bytes) CaitlinPhotos962.jpg (1635602 bytes)

Vacation pictures/video from Mt. St. Helens...

MtStHelens082004 044.jpg (1350139 bytes) MtStHelens082004 045.jpg (1472075 bytes) MtStHelens082004 046.jpg (1530993 bytes) MtStHelens082004 047.jpg (1556477 bytes) MtStHelens082004 048.jpg (1526697 bytes)

New sandbox...

CaitlinPhotos963.jpg (1332080 bytes) CaitlinPhotos964.jpg (1419598 bytes) CaitlinPhotos965.jpg (1278647 bytes) CaitlinPhotos966.jpg (1558892 bytes) CaitlinPhotos967.jpg (1392584 bytes) CaitlinPhotos968.jpg (1368895 bytes) CaitlinPhotos969.jpg (1296624 bytes)

Photos from Mom and Dad Rowand...

PhotosByMomAndDadRowand001.jpg (100437 bytes)

Daddy's birthday. Check out the bite she took out of the cake while Mommy wasn't looking...

CaitlinPhotos970.jpg (1419855 bytes) CaitlinPhotos971.jpg (1432065 bytes) CaitlinPhotos972.jpg (1583073 bytes) CaitlinPhotos973.jpg (1617759 bytes) CaitlinPhotos974.jpg (1395188 bytes) CaitlinPhotos975.jpg (1487988 bytes) CaitlinPhotos976.jpg (1563509 bytes) CaitlinPhotos977.jpg (1497776 bytes) CaitlinPhotos978.jpg (1498107 bytes) CaitlinPhotos979.jpg (1443694 bytes) CaitlinPhotos980.jpg (1562338 bytes) CaitlinPhotos981.jpg (1548024 bytes) CaitlinPhotos982.jpg (1391091 bytes) CaitlinPhotos983.jpg (1332504 bytes)

Caitlin's first "board game" - Hi Ho Cherrio!

CaitlinPhotos984.jpg (1656160 bytes) CaitlinPhotos985.jpg (1661806 bytes) CaitlinPhotos986.jpg (1664127 bytes)

Reading a story with Daddy...

CaitlinPhotos987.jpg (1664043 bytes) CaitlinPhotos988.jpg (1492554 bytes)

Playing dress-up...

CaitlinPhotos989.jpg (1596323 bytes) CaitlinPhotos990.jpg (1594187 bytes)

A birthday party for a friend - her first pony ride!

CaitlinPhotos991.jpg (1506554 bytes) CaitlinPhotos992.jpg (1347224 bytes) CaitlinPhotos993.jpg (1478988 bytes) CaitlinPhotos994.jpg (1499572 bytes) CaitlinPhotos995.jpg (1436613 bytes) CaitlinPhotos996.jpg (1492331 bytes) CaitlinPhotos997.jpg (1490603 bytes) CaitlinPhotos998.jpg (1510693 bytes) CaitlinPhotos999.jpg (1740531 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1000.jpg (1496859 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1001.jpg (1430665 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1002.jpg (1443485 bytes)

Grandmom Rowand and Aunt Jen came out for a visit, and all of the women took a day trip to Whidbey Island to do the sightseeing thing.

CaitlinPhotos1003.jpg (1478058 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1004.jpg (1537566 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1005.jpg (1730241 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1006.jpg (1359055 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1007.jpg (1444753 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1008.jpg (1352417 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1009.jpg (1275537 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1010.jpg (1338343 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1011.jpg (1604697 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1012.jpg (1571638 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1013.jpg (1473621 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1014.jpg (1547058 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1015.jpg (1306120 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1016.jpg (1353365 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1017.jpg (1423379 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1018.jpg (1421010 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1019.jpg (1539845 bytes)

Caitlin's first picture! She chose excellent subject material and did a great job with the camera.

CaitlinPhotos1020.jpg (1583998 bytes)

We built a fort in the living room for Caitlin - and she loved it. So much it was tough to get her to sit still for a picture...

CaitlinPhotos1021.jpg (1447287 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1022.jpg (1599450 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1023.jpg (1574789 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1024.jpg (1647667 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1025.jpg (1561561 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1026.jpg (1638090 bytes)

Caitlin came with us to both of the Christmas parties for our Buick clubs (Puget Sound Chapter and the North Cascade Chapter of the Buick Club of America) and especially at the North Cascade party, she had a great time. As always, she charmed Don's heart and ran right up to him to say hello and get a hug - that's him in the final two pictures. Also, Jordan (granddaughter to a very proud Louie) was a big help in playing with Caitlin and watching her during the party. That's her in the third to last picture sitting on the floor with Caitlin.

CaitlinPhotos1027.jpg (1527880 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1028.jpg (1437694 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1029.jpg (1419232 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1030.jpg (1455599 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1031.jpg (1471517 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1032.jpg (1472002 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1033.jpg (1543180 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1034.jpg (1546875 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1035.jpg (1671759 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1036.jpg (1727704 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1037.jpg (1698979 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1038.jpg (1452175 bytes)

We went up to see Deb's parents for their Christmas "Open House" Party, and got a few pictures of Caitlin playing games on Grandmom's computer, and two photos of her crashed out asleep in her car seat as we waited for the ferry. We also got a short movie of her dancing about and playing on the computer.

CaitlinPhotos1039.jpg (1660616 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1040.jpg (1604118 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1041.jpg (1699784 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1042.jpg (1466578 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1043.jpg (1587977 bytes)


Christmas 2004

Caitlin's 3rd Christmas, and the trend towards ever-larger gift piles continues. The entire pile of gifts in the first photo, plus the wagon is all for Caitlin. Yikes! I appreciate the thoughts - all of them - but I'm getting worried Caitlin has way too much "stuff". It's great to not have to buy many toys for her, but it's a bit crazy that she never even has the chance to play with more than half her toys before she gets too old for them. At least the clothes situation is getting more normal as she grows - for a while, we could have put her in a new outfit every day and she still would never have worn all of them before she outgrew something... A good problem to have, I suppose, just seems slightly wrong to shower so much stuff on such a little kid. Then again, maybe I'm just jealous because I don't recall getting this much stuff when I was her age. :-)

Caitlin was overwhelmed by the gift pile and a bit grumpy at first, but she had fun. Afterwards, we was just tired and needed some convincing to record a short "Thank You" movie for everyone. The first movie is her when she first saw the gift pile, the second movie is her grumpy thank you message, the third movie is her happy thank you message. The first movie is huge, so dial-up users, beware!

CaitlinPhotos1044.jpg (1291840 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1045.jpg (1418185 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1046.jpg (1535974 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1047.jpg (1540365 bytes)

Relaxing later on in the week...

CaitlinPhotos1048.jpg (1496239 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1049.jpg (1738698 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1050.jpg (1531991 bytes)

Playing fairy princess with her new stuff... She turned me into a potato with her magic wand. We're still not sure what she turned Deb into. :-)

CaitlinPhotos1051.jpg (1456731 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1052.jpg (1195830 bytes)

It snowed while were visiting Deb's parents to install their new DSL modem. Kids and snow are cure, and it was snowing pretty hard, so Caitlin was enjoying it.

CaitlinPhotos1053.jpg (1383200 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1054.jpg (1361599 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1055.jpg (1490875 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1056.jpg (1458536 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1057.jpg (1415000 bytes)

Deb took some pictures of Caitlin while she was playing dress-up. They came out overexposed for some reason, but they're clear otherwise. If I get adventurous, maybe I'll try and clean up the photos later on.

CaitlinPhotos1058.jpg (1369702 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1059.jpg (1317360 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1060.jpg (1528062 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1061.jpg (1381221 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1062.jpg (1560168 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1063.jpg (1426859 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1064.jpg (1679255 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1065.jpg (1642241 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1066.jpg (1599021 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1067.jpg (1386485 bytes)

Some playtime out front... Caitlin was moving around fast enough that Deb had a tough time getting clear pictures. Some of them are kind of cool shots, though because Deb got the camera still, and the focus is correct - but Caitlin was moving and she is the only thing blurred in the picture. A bit odd, but kind of cool in that it captures her "always in motion" style of playing in a still photograph.

CaitlinPhotos1068.jpg (1470818 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1069.jpg (1482524 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1070.jpg (1531150 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1071.jpg (1424339 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1072.jpg (1404612 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1073.jpg (1415642 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1074.jpg (1403570 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1075.jpg (1421779 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1076.jpg (1471836 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1077.jpg (1448233 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1078.jpg (1476585 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1079.jpg (1487979 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1080.jpg (1415640 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1081.jpg (1427175 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1082.jpg (1599872 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1083.jpg (1507273 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1084.jpg (1357482 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1085.jpg (1522245 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1086.jpg (1406799 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1087.jpg (1667468 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1088.jpg (1620991 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1089.jpg (1610767 bytes)

An afternoon at the park with friends. They apparently had a lot of fun feeding the ducks at the pond.

CaitlinPhotos1090.jpg (1373452 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1091.jpg (1329779 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1092.jpg (1423337 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1093.jpg (1469170 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1094.jpg (1494062 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1095.jpg (1417641 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1096.jpg (1569906 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1097.jpg (1422052 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1098.jpg (1536244 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1099.jpg (1309410 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1100.jpg (1527954 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1101.jpg (1527634 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1102.jpg (1465186 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1103.jpg (1427483 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1104.jpg (1495512 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1105.jpg (1368960 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1106.jpg (1509400 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1107.jpg (1433325 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1108.jpg (1346249 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1109.jpg (1512889 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1110.jpg (1435018 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1111.jpg (1347071 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1112.jpg (1514602 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1113.jpg (1551441 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1114.jpg (1302489 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1115.jpg (1337215 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1116.jpg (1386105 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1117.jpg (1330259 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1118.jpg (1331134 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1119.jpg (1302286 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1120.jpg (1405802 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1121.jpg (1333247 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1122.jpg (1614877 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1123.jpg (1627500 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1124.jpg (1410157 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1125.jpg (1312440 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1126.jpg (1479997 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1127.jpg (1400700 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1128.jpg (1420869 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1129.jpg (1407527 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1130.jpg (1428728 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1131.jpg (1439280 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1132.jpg (1353729 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1133.jpg (1421063 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1134.jpg (1460878 bytes)

More playtime out front with friends... I like the "mower train" in the last photo.

CaitlinPhotos1135.jpg (1559754 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1136.jpg (1492568 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1137.jpg (1549250 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1138.jpg (1428853 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1139.jpg (1546738 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1140.jpg (1416420 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1141.jpg (1407520 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1142.jpg (1565530 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1143.jpg (1445133 bytes)

Story time with Daddy...

CaitlinPhotos1144.jpg (1593759 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1145.jpg (1627385 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1146.jpg (1515291 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1147.jpg (1493406 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1148.jpg (1661948 bytes)



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