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Growing and Learning

Here are some photos we took of her for no particular reason.

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Big news - Caitlin has finally begun to find her hands. She's now grabbing at things and realizing that she can interact with her world. We took a few shots of her grabbing at the toys on her bouncy chair and playing with her rattle. She's much more alert now and making a lot more noises. We also think she may be teething; she is drooling much more, likes to have her gums massaged, is much more fussy recently, and has the "ridge" on her gums where the teeth will come out. A bit early, but that's what it looks like is happening. Anyway, we're going to have to record her again (video and audio) and post it for people to see.

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Caitlin is also developing quite a temper - wonder where she got that from? (Hint: It's a Rowand thing. :-) So, we've snapped a couple of shots of her screaming and being generally demanding. We're so saving these for her future boyfriends. :-) She does smile a lot more though (see below) - she's being much more expressive about her feelings these days.

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She's begun eating rice cereal mixed with white grape juice - check out the resulting drooly mess in the photos below. Also, she has decided to be like her Daddy - if you put a camera in front of her and she notices it, you get some wonderfully blank expressions from her... You do get some good ones every now and then, though.

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Caitlin has now begun to eat other solid foods - she hates green beans - and is doing pretty well. She likes applesauce and sweet potatoes quite a bit. She's also sitting up somewhat - though she still needs to be supported a bit. But, it's high-chair time already! She's also developed a real fascination with her right hand recently - she can sit still and just move her hand around and stares at it for quite some time before she gets bored.

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We took Caitlin on an outing to the Pacific Science Center. Actually, the rest of us went there, and we just carried her along. still, she enjoyed it and was having a good bit of fun when she wasn't catching a nap in her stroller. We also shot some photos of the various Caitlin Carriers that helped lug her around. :-) Yeah. some of the pictures are dark, but you can see them and they're still pretty good.

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More photos of nothing in particular and some of my mom and dad's visit out here.

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More photos - she's sort of learned how to roll over and is really grabbing stuff now. She is also well into the baby talk/babbling phase of things and experimenting with different sounds she can make. It drives Deb crazy all day, but it really is pretty cool to watch and listen to her - just not for 8 hours straight. :-)

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Just a couple photos because I promised.  Auntie Cindy gave Caitlin this cute little outfit.  It didn't fit her until she was 6 month old.  But she can wear it now. Here's the pictures.


She's now sitting up, so that's a big change. Combine that with the rolling over and she can move about a bit, but she can't get into a sitting position on her own quite yet. She has figured out a bunch of small things and is really getting good at grabbing toys and playing with them to make noise, get them into her mouth, and other fun baby-like things.

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