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Happy 5th Birthday!

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NOTE: The videos are numbered out of order because this one (#47) was temporarily "lost" by the flash memory card in our digital camera. It magically "showed up" again, so we have it to put up here. Ah, the joys of technology... :-/


Caitlin's first soccer game. It's "huddle ball" like any soccer game is at that age, but it's fun for everyone involved and they learn a lot. Caitlin did have a bit of trouble with the notion of it being a "team sport" at first. Every time someone on her team other than her scored a goal, she'd stomp her feet and get mad because she hadn't scored. It took a few repeated explanations and finally a directive from Dad that she cheer every time anyone on her team scored before she got the idea, but eventually she sort of figured it out. Aunt Nicole is probably hoping Caitlin has somehow acquired the same "athletic genes" and that Caitlin ends up enjoying soccer as much as she did. :-)

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Some friends of ours were over for a visit, and Caitlin got a chance to hold Rachel Marie Class. It was cute, so we took a photo for the web site...

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Here's a couple of pictures of Caitlin at the July 2007 Buick Club of America National Meet in Bellevue, WA. We're into Buicks, so it's only natural that we took Caitlin with us to help out at the BCA National meet that our local BCA chapter was hosting. She had fun and was very well behaved during the multiple-day event. The first picture is of one of our club members, Keith Mitchell, letting Caitlin help him tour the show field and make sure all was well. The second picture is Caitlin posing beside the 1972 Buick Silver Arrow III show car than GM brought out to have on display. Caitlin said all of the cars at the show were "perfect".

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A visit to a local park that has a small number of farm animals there for the kids to interact with.

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Another soccer game, this one the last of Caitlin's first season. Grandmom and Grandpop Rowand were here to see it, and Caitlin was very proud of the participation trophy she received. Can't you tell from the smile on her face?

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Here's a photo of Caitlin helping Dad out with some fence building work. She posed in front of the pile of materials we had delivered.

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Here are a few pictures we took of us up on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle. My parents wanted to sightsee a bit, so we did a boat tour of Lake Union, the Ballard Locks, and Elliot Bay. Afterwards, they wanted to go up to Queen Anne Hill to get some photographs - on the boat tour they mentioned that Queen Anne Hill is the only spot in Seattle where you can get the Space Needle and Mount Rainer in the same shot. Naturally, we went up there and got pictures of the family with the famous landmarks in the background.

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More fence work. I had her pose for the camera to keep her busy and to get a sense of the scale of the pictures.

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Here's the Christmas party for our home school co-op. Caitlin and Arwen looked cute enough for a photo, and we hoped to have a video of Caitlin dancing, but stage fright got the better of her once she saw everyone there so we have a video of her not dancing. The grandparents will think it's cute, though, so it's a keeper.

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Christmas 2007 at the Rowand house and the obligatory pictures of the tree and opening gifts. The shots at the end of the back deck and the second movie are there to show that even if it did not stick, we did get snow on Christmas Day. Not quite a "white Christmas", but it was close. The first movie is Caitlin seeing the tree and the gifts first thing Christmas morning - and deciding to be shy for the camera. That seems to be a new trend lately...

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She lost her first tooth. It was a big deal to her and to mom and to the grandparents. Dad was just looking for an excuse to go get some pliers... :-)

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Easter morning. Caitlin got her first Bible, a watch, and a ton of candy.

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The obligatory Easter egg hunt, in typical Seattle weather for March - rain. The kids were soaked by the time they were done, but they had a blast.

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