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Happy 6th Birthday!

Some belated birthday gifts from Grandmom Rowand. This is up before the birthday party pictures because these got posted first. It was all Daddy's fault....

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Caitlin asked for her birthday party to be held at a place called Pump It Up - they have giant inflatable stuff for the kids to play on, it's all indoors, and they provide a nice room for cake and presents afterwards. We had about 20 kids there, plus parents, and it was great. The staff did a great job at herding the kids around and keeping them under control enough so that everyone was safe, but without the safety aspect being a complete killjoy. Well done, highly recommended. Several of the parents climbed in and had some fun - and they were as exhausted as the kids afterwards. :-) The giant inflatable "throne" for the guest of honor was a nice touch and the kids loved it.

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We took a trip to Ikea and got Caitlin a new bedroom set with a loft bed to maximize floor space. We also got her a desk to do her school work on. It went together without incident, and looks pretty good. The price was decent, too. She likes the loft bed a lot, though it does make tucking her in at night a bit more of a challenge...

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Caitlin is finally learning to ride her bike better, and this was the day we moved the training wheels up a notch so she could start learning to balance on her own.

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Caitlin went to a birthday party for a friend at an ice skating rink. She did pretty good with the "walker" support they gave to the kids. Dad didn't do so well, though. He fell and messed up his knee - a completely torn ACL and a lot of related damage requiring over a month of bed rest and months of physical therapy. Oops is an understatement. And to think, Dad could have had free steak at a friend's house, but he opted for this instead. Silly Daddy...

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Caitlin decided to go play in the ashes from an old campfire out back, and got to be quite a mess. Naturally, it was while Dad was watching her and not Mom. Mom would never let her get this messy. Dad just stuck her in the shower and hosed her down, but only after getting some pictures for later public viewing... Ah, her first date (when she's 35) is going to be so much fun... :-)

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This was Caitlin's end-of-year party/celebration/recital for her home school co-op group. She did pretty well this year - much better than last year... We got a couple of videos of the event. The second video has sound, but there is no music for the kids dancing - the PA system got messed up or something. So, it looks weird to see them dancing without music, but it's what they did. The show must go on, right?

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We met up with Duane and his friend Jennifer and got some pictures of the group. Duane is Deb's stepson from a previous marriage.

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We got some snow in December of 2008, and Caitlin had fun. More pics and details are on one of our snow pages. There was a lot of snow over a week+ period.

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Some pre-Christmas house cleaning and Caitlin's first try at vacuuming.

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The Christmas tree the night before, after Caitlin was in bed and all the presents were in place. There was one special gift hidden off to the side for last, just like in A Christmas Story...

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The big day - Christmas 2008. The gift pile was more modest than in years past, but still large. We had snow falling outside and our cat Lil was keeping watch over the whole affair from her perch on the back of the recliner. Caitlin had fun, but was disappointed to not get her most desired gift - an American Girl doll - until the very last gift that was half-hidden behind the tree. The predictable grumbling turned into shrieks of joy when she opened that last gift and saw it was Felicity. It was fun for all, except maybe the cat who doesn't like that much shrieking. Many thanks to Grandmom and Grandpop Rowand, Grandmom Mac, Aunt Eileen, Aunt Jenn & Bill, Uncle John & Aunt Dicy, and the other folks who got Caitlin so much great stuff. She loved it! Merry Christmas 2008 from snowy Redmond, WA!

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Some post-gift-opening playing on the computer...

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On December 26th, we got some more snow and had a chance to build a snowman.

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A neighbor took this picture of Caitlin playing in the snow with their daughter at their house. Thanks, Lee!

CaitlinInTheSnowAtNeighbors1.jpg (1556528 bytes)


A truly priceless Caitlin original - she was mad, throwing a temper tantrum about something useless (probably being told that she had to eat/swallow something she didn't want to) so we took a video of it for all to see.


Some photos and a movie of Caitlin at horse riding lessons.

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