Caitlin - 9 Months to 1 Year
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Christmas 2002

More pictures that were taken since we got back from vacation and over the Christmas holidays. Guess who's pulling herself up and standing by holding onto things now? She can also crawl pretty darned quick - you might have to run a few steps if she gets too big of a head start on you...

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Home Movies!

These are a few quick (10sec or so each) movies we shot of Caitlin using her grandmother's new digital camera. (Mine only does stills. I should upgrade. :-) They are kinda big and kinda short, but if you read this far down the page, you probably won't mind waiting for the download time too much... Maybe someday (when I'm slightly less lame) I'll add thumbnail pics of the first frame of each video instead of a text link to each one. Oh well.



More Pics

Some more pics we shot of Caitlin - including her first experience with grass. She was less freaked out than the cats were the first time they experienced grass under their feet, but she was still not too comfortable with it. She refused to crawl on it and tried to put as few appendages on the grass as possible - check out the various "three point stance" photos. :-)

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