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Caitlin's Here!

On March 15th 2002 at 10:24am, Caitlin Andrea Rowand greeted the world. She is a healthy, happy baby and is in all respects normal - quite a shocking feat for any offspring of mine. :-) Her vital stats are below. (NOTE: If you visited this page when it was first put up, you might have noticed that the weight had a typo in it - it was 16 lbs instead of 6 lbs. Just a little bit of a difference, there... :-) Also, based on the excellent blood sugars, it has been determined that Caitlin is not diabetic - which is great news since she had a fairly high chance she would be.

The more observant computer geeks out there will recognize that she was born at 1K - very fitting for my daughter. More educated readers will note that she was born on the Ides of March. If you're like I was and have no idea what that really means, check out this site for the details on how meaningless it actually is.

  • 6 lbs 2.4 oz
  • 17 1/2" long
  • 13 1/2" head circumference
  • Dark hair
  • Apgar scores: 8 & 9
  • Blood Sugars:
    Time Level
    10:50am 59
    11:50am 57
    12:20pm 47
    1:15pm 48
    2:15pm 57
    4:00pm 69



We have been given a really cool custom-made baby quilt for Caitlin. The quilt was made by a close friend of ours, Calie Berk, and was completed on a tight schedule so that we could bring Caitlin home from the hospital in it. Click below to see a bigger version of Calie and the quilt.


Below are some pictures from the big day. You can also read the archived pre-birth web page.

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Below are pictures from her second day. We also recorded her cry so you can listen to the first or second recording if you'd like. The kid's got good lungs - must come from her Daddy. :-)

CaitlinDayTwo001.jpg (227339 bytes) CaitlinDayTwo002.jpg (278543 bytes) CaitlinDayTwo003.jpg (279552 bytes) CaitlinDayTwo004.jpg (277108 bytes) CaitlinDayTwo006.jpg (245794 bytes) CaitlinDayTwo007.jpg (262762 bytes) CaitlinDayTwo008.jpg (254708 bytes) CaitlinDayTwo010.jpg (381591 bytes)

CaitlinDayTwo009.jpg (867030 bytes) CaitlinDayTwo005.jpg (248178 bytes)


More pictures  - this time from Day Three. We finally got some good shots of her with her eyes open. She was awake and very alert for about an hour around noon and for about an hour around 5pm - and I was there to capture it. The shot of me with my hand up is when I was trying to get her to look up at the camera. She's already very expressive facially - just like her daddy. I'm sure glad digital cameras allow so many "free" pictures - no film costs or developing charges. :-)

CaitlinDayThree001.jpg (262918 bytes) CaitlinDayThree002.jpg (236774 bytes) CaitlinDayThree003.jpg (232094 bytes) CaitlinDayThree004.jpg (180518 bytes) CaitlinDayThree005.jpg (168205 bytes) CaitlinDayThree006.jpg (168653 bytes) CaitlinDayThree007.jpg (181373 bytes) CaitlinDayThree008.jpg (272380 bytes) CaitlinDayThree009.jpg (197846 bytes) CaitlinDayThree010.jpg (192726 bytes) CaitlinDayThree011.jpg (252237 bytes) CaitlinDayThree012.jpg (253749 bytes) CaitlinDayThree013.jpg (209072 bytes) CaitlinDayThree014.jpg (225772 bytes) CaitlinDayThree015.jpg (254350 bytes)


Pictures from Day Four - homecoming day. We brought her home today, and she's resting quietly in her portable crib this afternoon. We have also found out that, like most babies, she likes riding in the car. The last photo needs some explanation - it's of Kathy O'Connell (one of the nurses at the UW Medical Center) and a photographer from the UW Medical Center newspaper. They stopped by to take some pictures of us, so I shot one of them. The reason they stopped by is that I helped Kathy arrange a donation of laptops (pre-installed with Windows XP, of course) from Microsoft to the Ante-Partum/Labor and Deliver wards for use by the patients. Many of these expectant moms are in for days of weeks at a time on strict bed rest, and they had no good way to contact their families and friends. Now, they will have laptops in the room and can email people, play games, and surf the web (both for fun and for important info that all expectant moms will need). This will help to reduce their stress and anxiety level and thus help improve the chances for a healthy baby - when mommy is relaxed and nature can do it's work properly, baby has a much better chance of doing well.

CaitlinDayFour001.jpg (275125 bytes) CaitlinDayFour002.jpg (306402 bytes) CaitlinDayFour003.jpg (326406 bytes) CaitlinDayFour004.jpg (361393 bytes) CaitlinDayFour006.jpg (407793 bytes)

CaitlinDayFour005.jpg (294956 bytes) CaitlinDayFour007.jpg (241007 bytes)


Now that I have Caitlin at home, I set up and shot a quick video of her to post here. There is a short version of the video for those of you on dial-up and there is also a slightly longer version of the video for those of you on broadband. Sorry, but my camera isn't the greatest and I haven't shot much video on it yet, so it's pretty small and grainy. I'm sure I'll get lots of practice soon enough. :-)


Wow. Go a day without adding photos and people think something is wrong. You're all worse than drug addicts - without your daily "Caitlin fix" you get cranky! :-) To keep the masses calm, here are some more photos taken since we got home. You can see the Phil (our male cat) is quite interested in the new arrival, that Caitlin already has her Microsoft hat on, that Caitlin is wide awake and attentive at least part of the day, that she will sleep on our bed quite nicely, that it's snowing here (look real hard at the shot with the trees in the background...), that Deb's sister Sherrie and her husband Howard sent Caitlin a gift basket, and that I've already figured out how to use the computer and hold Caitlin at the same time. The last photo was taken mere minutes before I typed this, and my typing accuracy and speed is almost up to normal this way. Caitlin sleeps through just about anything - even my fast and brutal typing habits... :-)

CaitlinPhotos001.jpg (303198 bytes) CaitlinPhotos002.jpg (285783 bytes) CaitlinPhotos003.jpg (241764 bytes) CaitlinPhotos004.jpg (255795 bytes) CaitlinPhotos005.jpg (296035 bytes) CaitlinPhotos006.jpg (295431 bytes) CaitlinPhotos007.jpg (269412 bytes) CaitlinPhotos008.jpg (272220 bytes) CaitlinPhotos009.jpg (395979 bytes) CaitlinPhotos010.jpg (299596 bytes) CaitlinPhotos011.jpg (320685 bytes)



This batch of photos includes stuff shot over the weekend and through part of the second week, as well as some photos of the gift package that my extended team at work had sent to me. (Thanks, Jason!) This includes Grandpa and Grandma McDaniel's first visit with Caitlin, and our first photo of the three generations of the women on Deb's side of the family.

CaitlinPhotos012.jpg (258861 bytes) CaitlinPhotos013.jpg (222977 bytes) CaitlinPhotos014.jpg (348089 bytes) CaitlinPhotos015.jpg (366692 bytes) CaitlinPhotos016.jpg (287726 bytes) CaitlinPhotos017.jpg (341217 bytes) CaitlinPhotos018.jpg (294936 bytes) CaitlinPhotos019.jpg (319234 bytes) CaitlinPhotos020.jpg (301113 bytes) CaitlinPhotos022.jpg (339474 bytes) CaitlinPhotos023.jpg (250232 bytes) CaitlinPhotos024.jpg (238710 bytes) CaitlinPhotos025.jpg (291710 bytes) CaitlinPhotos026.jpg (287661 bytes) CaitlinPhotos027.jpg (278625 bytes) CaitlinPhotos028.jpg (242912 bytes) CaitlinPhotos029.jpg (258142 bytes) CaitlinPhotos030.jpg (262506 bytes) CaitlinPhotos031.jpg (274135 bytes) CaitlinPhotos032.jpg (278404 bytes)

CaitlinPhotos021.jpg (337476 bytes)


On Caitlin's 2 week "birthday", we took her in to show her off to my extended team at Microsoft. Check out the visitor badge we got for her. :-) The first two photos were shot at home after the visit, while the others were taken at work by Serguei, one of the people who works for me, and emailed to me later in the day.

CaitlinPhotos033.jpg (233457 bytes) CaitlinPhotos034.jpg (248465 bytes) CaitlinPhotos035.jpg (275617 bytes) CaitlinPhotos036.jpg (337964 bytes) CaitlinPhotos037.jpg (343525 bytes)

CaitlinPhotos038.jpg (372896 bytes)


We got our Easter photos taken and posted. She got to dress up and go to Church, and she even got her first bath. Jon and Jason were home, and we got another photo of Jason holding his sister - Jon was busy and/or camera shy. I also got one shot of her on Monday at the computer. She's already following in her Daddy's footsteps! :-)

CaitlinPhotos039.jpg (268568 bytes) CaitlinPhotos041.jpg (336205 bytes) CaitlinPhotos042.jpg (269809 bytes) CaitlinPhotos043.jpg (297021 bytes)

CaitlinPhotos040.jpg (260618 bytes)


My mother came out for a visit, and we got some photos of Caitlin with her other grandmother. (The smaller photos are from mom's camera.) We also opened all of the gifts from the baby shower my mother had back in NJ. (I was a good sport and held up each item for the camera - Deb was busy taking notes for all the thank you cards...) Mom's friends got us some really nice stuff - and lots of it too. At this rate we won't have to buy Caitlin any clothes for a few more years! We really appreciated all the gifts and can't wait to see Caitlin in some of the outfits - especially the "I love my Daddy" stuff. :-) Deb's sister Sherrie and her husband Howard came to visit while my Mom was here, but they refused to let their photos go on the web. We did get a photo of the "kids camping chair for two" that they gave Caitlin, though.

CaitlinPhotos044.jpg (274176 bytes) CaitlinPhotos045.jpg (279272 bytes) CaitlinPhotos046.jpg (554045 bytes) CaitlinPhotos047.jpg (546526 bytes) CaitlinPhotos048.jpg (616370 bytes) BabyShower001.jpg (296864 bytes) BabyShower002.jpg (277056 bytes) BabyShower003.jpg (263913 bytes) BabyShower004.jpg (263967 bytes) BabyShower005.jpg (310831 bytes) BabyShower006.jpg (297025 bytes) BabyShower007.jpg (260718 bytes) BabyShower008.jpg (315147 bytes) BabyShower009.jpg (296957 bytes) BabyShower010.jpg (279004 bytes) BabyShower011.jpg (279530 bytes) BabyShower012.jpg (278572 bytes) BabyShower013.jpg (286643 bytes) BabyShower014.jpg (282202 bytes) BabyShower015.jpg (411595 bytes) BabyShower016.jpg (580752 bytes) BabyShower017.jpg (474746 bytes) BabyShower018.jpg (504831 bytes) BabyShower019.jpg (503057 bytes) BabyShower020.jpg (600990 bytes) BabyShower021.jpg (524232 bytes) BabyShower022.jpg (522854 bytes) BabyShower023.jpg (527399 bytes) BabyShower024.jpg (496033 bytes) CaitlinPhotos049.jpg (266221 bytes) CaitlinPhotos050.jpg (286516 bytes) CaitlinPhotos051.jpg (253884 bytes) CaitlinPhotos052.jpg (234186 bytes) CaitlinPhotos053.jpg (248823 bytes) CaitlinPhotos054.jpg (299146 bytes) CaitlinPhotos055.jpg (494197 bytes) CaitlinPhotos056.jpg (373611 bytes) CaitlinPhotos057.jpg (301546 bytes) CaitlinPhotos058.jpg (300554 bytes)


More photos we've taken. It looks like Lil finally decided to make peace with Caitlin. Also, Deb took Caitlin out for her first trip to visit her west-coat grandparents at their house.

CaitlinPhotos059.jpg (247387 bytes) CaitlinPhotos060.jpg (303210 bytes) CaitlinPhotos061.jpg (295465 bytes) CaitlinPhotos062.jpg (291645 bytes) CaitlinPhotos063.jpg (294606 bytes) CaitlinPhotos064.jpg (454132 bytes) CaitlinPhotos065.jpg (372071 bytes) CaitlinPhotos066.jpg (291573 bytes) CaitlinPhotos067.jpg (296600 bytes) CaitlinPhotos068.jpg (298868 bytes) CaitlinPhotos069.jpg (288618 bytes) CaitlinPhotos070.jpg (244851 bytes) CaitlinPhotos071.jpg (275415 bytes) CaitlinPhotos072.jpg (288033 bytes) CaitlinPhotos073.jpg (284832 bytes) CaitlinPhotos074.jpg (317269 bytes) CaitlinPhotos075.jpg (318719 bytes) CaitlinPhotos076.jpg (233335 bytes) CaitlinPhotos077.jpg (221121 bytes) CaitlinPhotos078.jpg (296627 bytes) CaitlinPhotos079.jpg (309812 bytes)


Caitlin has finally started to smile lots and is about ready to learn how to laugh - she's done several "almost a laugh" noises already.

CaitlinPhotos080.jpg (300705 bytes) CaitlinPhotos081.jpg (277034 bytes) CaitlinPhotos082.jpg (300510 bytes) CaitlinPhotos083.jpg (265506 bytes) CaitlinPhotos084.jpg (272335 bytes) CaitlinPhotos085.jpg (285945 bytes) CaitlinPhotos086.jpg (409722 bytes) CaitlinPhotos087.jpg (242576 bytes) CaitlinPhotos088.jpg (297779 bytes)


On June 9, 2002 Caitlin was dedicated at our church. Here's are some photos of the event, including a chance photo of our pastor and his wife holding Caitlin after the service was over. (He's in a tie, and she's wearing a light blue dress.) If you know me, you should be able to pick out details of who's-who in the remaining photos. The second set are the ones from Calie's camera.

CaitlinPhotos089.jpg (335521 bytes) CaitlinPhotos090.jpg (320782 bytes) CaitlinPhotos091.jpg (280412 bytes) CaitlinPhotos092.jpg (317071 bytes) CaitlinPhotos093.jpg (334266 bytes) CaitlinPhotos094.jpg (322645 bytes) CaitlinPhotos095.jpg (214870 bytes) CaitlinPhotos096.jpg (206504 bytes) CaitlinPhotos097.jpg (205110 bytes) CaitlinPhotos098.jpg (250314 bytes) CaitlinPhotos099.jpg (246452 bytes) CaitlinPhotos100.jpg (234359 bytes) CaitlinPhotos101.jpg (247236 bytes) CaitlinPhotos102.jpg (222276 bytes) CaitlinPhotos103.jpg (291690 bytes)

PhotosByCalie001.jpg (385038 bytes) PhotosByCalie002.jpg (350603 bytes) PhotosByCalie003.jpg (823431 bytes) PhotosByCalie004.jpg (366817 bytes) PhotosByCalie005.jpg (363769 bytes) PhotosByCalie006.jpg (809047 bytes) PhotosByCalie007.jpg (728881 bytes) PhotosByCalie008.jpg (749451 bytes) PhotosByCalie009.jpg (360780 bytes) PhotosByCalie010.jpg (395381 bytes) PhotosByCalie011.jpg (347145 bytes) PhotosByCalie012.jpg (400897 bytes) PhotosByCalie013.jpg (406949 bytes) PhotosByCalie014.jpg (388292 bytes)

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