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"You're What?!"

Wow. A baby! We know it's a girl and we've already named her - Caitlin Andrea Rowand. We'll be adding baby pictures here for the whole family to see.  The baby is due March 15, 2002, therefore she isn't in the main family picture. Sometime after she arrives, we will update the picture.

But for now, here are the ultrasound pictures.


January 8, 2002:
She was 28 weeks old (in utero).
Seems that Caitlin decided to be camera shy.  She was laying across my stomach (from my left to right hip) and facing down toward my toes.  When they finally got a look at the front of her, she had both her hands open and across her face.  So we couldn't see anything.  So no pictures this time.  This time the ultrasounds were for checking her brain and heart and taking measurements to make sure she was growing correctly.  We're happy to say that she is in the 55th percentile for a baby her age.  We were able to actually see the two halves of her brain and again all four chambers of her heart pumping.  Clean bill of health for our little girl. 


December 11, 2001:
She was 24 weeks old (in utero).

The reason for this ultrasound was to take a look at Caitlin's bones and body to make sure that she was growing proportionately and make sure her heart was working correctly. We are happy to say she got a clean bill of health from the doctor. We were able to see all 4 chambers of her heart at work. It is amazing! Also saw her kidneys and liver too. Well, the sonographer told us those little dark areas were the kidney and liver, they just looked like dark spots to me.


October 18, 2001:
She was 16 weeks old (in utero).

Well, folks, they are finally here. Baby Rowand's first baby pictures. It is most definitely Michael Rowand, Jr.'s daughter. During the almost 1 hour ultrasound, I don't think she stopped moving around. We were able to see her kick, stretch, have the hiccups, and suck her thumb.

These were not the best shots we saw during the ultrasound. But they were the pictures we were given. The sonographist was more worried about getting the pictures needed for the amniocentesis testing and taking what measurements she could get. Which makes sense to us. The next set of pictures should be better, we hope. They are to be taken on December 11, 2001.

The testing results came back from the amniocentesis on Tuesday, October 30, 2001. Great news. There are no genetic or spinal abnormalities. She is a healthy baby girl. We are working on naming our little daughter so we can talk to her and call her by name. However, even with the field of names narrowed down by half (don't need to think about boy's names), it is still hard. If you would like to submit your suggestions, please do so. Won't guarantee yours will be chosen, but any input helps.


We also have been given a really cool custom-made baby quilt for Caitlin. The quilt was made by a close friend of ours, Calie Berk, and was completed on a tight schedule so that we could bring Caitlin home from the hospital in it. Click below to see a bigger version of Calie and the quilt.


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