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NOTE: This page tends to get long as I add more to it on a regular basis. Be sure to scroll down to see everything! Older stuff is moved to archival pages broken down by time period.

This is where I'm adding new stuff for Caitlin. Check back often to see how much she's grown, what new skills she's learned, and how fast she learns how to get into trouble. :-)


Not-So-Happy 8th Birthday

There was, unfortunately, no 8th birthday party for Caitlin. We had one scheduled, but she decided to demand better presents and exhibit many other sorts of ungrateful behavior for the many gifts she has been given (and was slated to receive), so the party was canceled and there was a multi-month focused effort to teach gratefulness, and try to address a number of related heart issues. It's been an educational year for all invovled... :-/


Daddy got a new lawnmower in spring of 2010, and Caitlin wanted to see what mowing the lawn was like. So, we let her take a pass up and back with it. Since it's self-propelled, she did alright. Still not quite tall enough to mow the lawn; maybe next year. Daddy will like that. :-)

CaitlinPhotos1949.jpg (1649393 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1950.jpg (2498769 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1951.jpg (2750300 bytes)


Caitlin did a report for one of her classes at co-op school, specifically on learning about the US. She created a drawing of herself, named it "Flat Caitlin", and asked Grandmom and Grandpop Rowand to take it around NJ and take pictures with it. Caitlin used those details and pictures to learn about NJ and give her report. Daddy even took part of the day off work to help her give the report - he got to run the laser pointer and help carry and set up the boards. Caitlin did an awesome job! This was her first time to stand up in front of a group and give an extended talk on something. Unfortunately, we forgot to bring the camera to school so we got no pictures or video of the actual presentation, so these pictures of the boards and Caitlin at home afterwards, and a short video thanking Grandmom and Grandpop Rowand will have to do.

CaitlinPhotos1952.jpg (2078186 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1953.jpg (1834990 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1954.jpg (2323940 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1955.jpg (2275368 bytes) CaitlinPhotos1956.jpg (2029643 bytes) 

  • CaitlinMovies081.avi (11Mb, Caitlin thanking Grandmom and Grandpop Rowand for helping her with her "Flat Caitlin" report on NJ)


Caitlin and Deb did a mother/daughter sleepover In October 2010 at Camp Gilead. They had fun doing all sorts of stuff with friends.

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Shortly after visiting Camp Gilead with her mom, Caitlin had a very rough few weeks, culminating in a series of massive temper tantrums. We caught two on video for later proof and to show her what she looks like when she gets that angry/irrational. WARNING: Angry child ahead. Try not to laugh too hard. We all look foolish when we through temper tantrums. Fortunately, most of us outgrow it by adulthood and learn better ways to deal with things outside of our control that we have to do even when we don't want to. Most of us...


We got some snow the Monday before Thanksgiving 2010, and it stayed around until Thanksgiving Day. Caitlin ended up grounded for various reasons Mon/Tues, and didn't want to go outside on Weds, so Thurs (Thanksgiving Day) she was outside playing with some of her friends from our neighborhood. They had a lot of fun and had a small snowball fight, built some snow creatures in the street and the backyard (the one with the carrot nose), and generally got cold and wet with huge smiles on their faces. Then they retired inside to play Wii, warm up/dry out, and drive mom nuts while she was making a delicious Thanksgiving dinner.

CaitlinPhotos2004.jpg (2015236 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2005.jpg (1950340 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2006.jpg (1680166 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2007.jpg (1963958 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2008.jpg (1759163 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2009.jpg (1446247 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2010.jpg (1581721 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2011.jpg (2049232 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2012.jpg (2642324 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2013.jpg (2248892 bytes)

Caitlin built one final snowman on our back deck before she had to come in for the night...

CaitlinPhotos2014.jpg (2295041 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2015.jpg (2204260 bytes)

These are all from our vacation at Great Wolf Lodge, all of the details are on that page. This is us preparing to play MagiQuest.

CaitlinPhotos2016.jpg (2190490 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2017.jpg (2390853 bytes)

This is the water park.

CaitlinPhotos2018.jpg (2805546 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2019.jpg (2752779 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2020.jpg (2412343 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2021.jpg (3051209 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2022.jpg (3067517 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2023.jpg (3072329 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2024.jpg (2451280 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2025.jpg (2442694 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2026.jpg (2403612 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2027.jpg (3006874 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2028.jpg (3029850 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2029.jpg (2408563 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2030.jpg (2376513 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2031.jpg (2309589 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2032.jpg (2267458 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2033.jpg (2247224 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2034.jpg (2276381 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2035.jpg (2853309 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2036.jpg (2881205 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2037.jpg (2027523 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2038.jpg (2388685 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2039.jpg (2419063 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2040.jpg (2451773 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2041.jpg (3081686 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2042.jpg (2281039 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2043.jpg (2989194 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2044.jpg (2287442 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2045.jpg (2547555 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2046.jpg (2330701 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2047.jpg (2721654 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2048.jpg (2779328 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2049.jpg (2818155 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2050.jpg (2409249 bytes)

A final picture before we left...

CaitlinPhotos2051.jpg (2959987 bytes)


Some pictures of us all dressed up to see The Nutcracker. Mommy took some pictures first...

CaitlinPhotos2052.jpg (2966924 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2053.jpg (3003949 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2054.jpg (3005811 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2055.jpg (2967232 bytes)

Then Daddy...

CaitlinPhotos2056.jpg (2320126 bytes)

Then Caitlin took some pictures, hence the "up the nose" appearance.

CaitlinPhotos2057.jpg (2564204 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2058.jpg (2632526 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2059.jpg (2490128 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2060.jpg (2069469 bytes)

One last picture of Caitlin all dressed up.

CaitlinPhotos2061.jpg (2430882 bytes)


Parent's day at Caitlin's homeschool co-op, specifically in her piano class.

CaitlinPhotos2062.jpg (2340383 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2063.jpg (2158619 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2064.jpg (2002422 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2065.jpg (2869705 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2066.jpg (2057957 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2067.jpg (2130749 bytes)

This is the co-op Christmas party; Caitlin is dancing with her jazz/hip-hop class.

CaitlinPhotos2068.jpg (2357788 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2069.jpg (2264828 bytes)

  • CaitlinMovies093.avi (19.2Mb, Caitlin dancing with her jazz/hip-hop class at the co-op Christmas party)

Same party, playing the violin with her class.

CaitlinPhotos2070.jpg (2180004 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2071.jpg (2004566 bytes)

This is Caitlin running around having fun before the party was over.

CaitlinPhotos2072.jpg (1847682 bytes)


The tree is decorated for Christmas 2010. Whee!

CaitlinPhotos2073.jpg (2971408 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2074.jpg (3019393 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2075.jpg (2869362 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2076.jpg (3129283 bytes)

CaitlinPhotos2077.jpg (2071396 bytes)


Christmas morning 2010.

CaitlinPhotos2078.jpg (2929672 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2079.jpg (2125808 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2080.jpg (1902855 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2081.jpg (2215477 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2082.jpg (2068945 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2083.jpg (1924936 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2084.jpg (2147188 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2085.jpg (2131007 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2086.jpg (1845278 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2087.jpg (1968196 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2088.jpg (2002589 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2089.jpg (2031848 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2090.jpg (1966139 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2091.jpg (1910174 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2092.jpg (1721567 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2093.jpg (2113282 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2094.jpg (2067834 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2095.jpg (2405431 bytes)

Deb unwrapping her gift from Caitlin.

CaitlinPhotos2096.jpg (1924248 bytes)

Deb unwrapping her gift from me.

CaitlinPhotos2097.jpg (2247594 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2098.jpg (2204505 bytes)

Daddy opening his gift from Caitlin. That's going to my office so I can see it every day!

CaitlinPhotos2099.jpg (2234917 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2100.jpg (2379271 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2101.jpg (2728605 bytes)

Caitlin was happy with the family gift we got - a game for all of us to play. She nearly tackled Deb trying to hug her.

CaitlinPhotos2102.jpg (2059811 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2103.jpg (2190974 bytes)

One final gift - a telescope that's on order.

CaitlinPhotos2104.jpg (2046527 bytes)

Daddy helping Caitlin put her new Craftsman tool kit together. She can almost pick it up... :-)

CaitlinPhotos2105.jpg (2330661 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2106.jpg (2301491 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2107.jpg (2366084 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2108.jpg (2092167 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2109.jpg (2149214 bytes)

2010 was another excellent Christmas Feast by Deb. Caitlin enjoyed it a lot. The first picture was taken by Caitlin; she's getting a lot better!

CaitlinPhotos2110.jpg (2852465 bytes) CaitlinPhotos2111.jpg (2613998 bytes)




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