July 2005 - Old Time Photos
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We had these "Old Time Photos" taken in July 2005 during a vacation we took in Seaside, OR. There was a small place that specialized in these photos right down the street from out condo, so we have a set done. The "original" color photos are on the left, and then the same photo run through a Sepia filter (to get the "old time photo" look to it) is on the right. They're kinda neat. Caitlin played along nicely - smiling or looking serious right on cue.

July2005-OldTimePhotos1-Color.jpg (3191170 bytes) July2005-OldTimePhotos1-Sepia.jpg (2836495 bytes)

July2005-OldTimePhotos2-Color.jpg (3182458 bytes) July2005-OldTimePhotos2-Sepia.jpg (2843380 bytes)

July2005-OldTimePhotos3-Color.jpg (3184702 bytes) July2005-OldTimePhotos3-Sepia.jpg (2850361 bytes)

July2005-OldTimePhotos4-Color.jpg (3183102 bytes) July2005-OldTimePhotos4-Sepia.jpg (2846814 bytes)

July2005-OldTimePhotos5-Color.jpg (3192250 bytes) July2005-OldTimePhotos5-Sepia.jpg (2877662 bytes)

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