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I need to replace the front door, so I started taking pictures.

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The new door is here, awaiting paint (outside), stain (inside), and installation. Now I just have to get gutsy enough to remove my front door by myself... :-)

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Staining the door...

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Finally! I actually got the door installed thanks to some prodding from my Dad. The deal was that each time they came out to visit, they stay in our spare/guest bedroom - where the door was stored. I think they just wanted more space for bags, or Mom was worried the door would fall on them in the middle of the night. Whatever the reasons, Dad offered to help me install the door on one of their visits and I could not have done it without him - thanks, Dad! Now I just have to get that sidelight stained and installed, and install some trim around the entire unit. The yellow foam is kinda fugly looking, but the new brass handle and lockset is very nice.

Have I mentioned how much the auto-focus on my Minolta DImage Z2 camera sucks wind? The camera would be darned near perfect for all of my needs - if they would just fix the auto-focus feature to work right like every other modern camera does. In anything less than full sunlight, it gets confused and the images are blurry, but you can't tell for sure until you view them full-size on the computer. Lame. I have a few other choice words for this non-feature, but hey, this is a family friendly website.

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Mom took some pictures of us installing the door, but she hasn't sent them to me yet. When she does, I'll post them here.


After quite some time had passed, I finally got the outside of the sidelight stained and got it installed. I hired a friend of mine who is a great general contractor to do the staining and help me with the install - Rich Natalie. Rich is a great guy and his kids/grandkids live nearby, so we see him fairly regularly. He did a great job on the staining, the installation, and the exterior trim work. It was money well spent - some paint on the outside and it'll look like a new house. Well, almost. It does look a heck of a lot better without that nasty plywood covering the sidelight opening...

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