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The Saga of the West Coast Rowand's First House

Our Home

Deb and Christy (from our realty) by the Sold Sign The Sold Sign

How long have we been homeowners?

Deb helped write a cool count-down timer that we used to remind ourselves how soon closing was before we bought the house. Now, we use it as a count-up timer just for fun to remind us of how long we've owned our first house.

Closing was:

That means we've been homeowners for:

 years,   months,   days,   hours,   minutes, and   seconds!


So, what else is happening?

Check out the Changes and Customizations page for past, present, and ongoing projects. Other than that, not much else is happening. We're just doing what needs to be done and enjoying our house.

We also still have the pictures from the other houses we looked at and we keep them around for fun and for the memories - and your first experience house hunting is definitely memorable.


Comments? Kudos? Got some parts you'd like to buy/sell/barter/swap? Nasty comments about my web page so far? You can email Mike or Debbie.

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