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Rainbows are cool. Due to the amount of airborne water we have in Seattle in the winter and the relatively early sunsets (aka, lots of low angle light), we get to see a lot of rainbows. I decided to show the ones I got pictures of here.


Rainbow5-4-2003 001.jpg (278312 bytes) Rainbow5-4-2003 002.jpg (251794 bytes) Rainbow5-4-2003 003.jpg (269540 bytes) Rainbow5-4-2003 004.jpg (280356 bytes)

5/4/2003 - The first two pictures were with the flash and it caught all the falling raindrops. Cool, but kind of distracting. I think the third picture came out best, but the fourth one is cool too. This was a full rainbow and even though you can't see it in the picture, there was a second "shadow" rainbow to the right of the main one, and it was a full one also. Very cool.

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