Snow - Dec 2003 and Jan 2004
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We got a few inches of snow in late Dec 2003 and early Jan 2004, so we took some photos. The nearly back-to-back snow storms were rare, plus the pond and front yard are now largely complete, and this was the first snowfall since then, so we wanted a few pictures for posterity. You can see the photos of Caitlin playing in the snow over on her pages.

Dec 2003

I'm not sure why the pictures came out so dark - in person it was really bright. I think I need a new camera... :-)

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Jan 2004

I didn't get any pictures of our first snowfall, but I did get some pictures of the pond frozen over. Even parts of the stream and waterfall froze, making some interesting ice formations. With the lights on underneath the ice, the lights around the pond, as well as the snow still on the bridge and around the pond, it was quite a beautiful sight. My camera doesn't really do it justice, but you can get the idea.

FrozenPondJan2004 001.jpg (311897 bytes) FrozenPondJan2004 002.jpg (453387 bytes) FrozenPondJan2004 003.jpg (366181 bytes) FrozenPondJan2004 004.jpg (317270 bytes) FrozenPondJan2004 005.jpg (372323 bytes) FrozenPondJan2004 006.jpg (334630 bytes) FrozenPondJan2004 007.jpg (436636 bytes)

The second snowfall was much more interesting. The pond was already frozen over due to several days of below freezing weather, so the snow basically capped the pond with snow, helped the stream to almost completely freeze over, and nearly froze over the main waterfall as well. Again, the camera shows the pictures as dark, but it was very, very bright out.

SnowJan2004 001.jpg (232415 bytes) SnowJan2004 002.jpg (224065 bytes) SnowJan2004 003.jpg (216078 bytes) SnowJan2004 004.jpg (180709 bytes) SnowJan2004 005.jpg (258463 bytes)

We even got some really nasty freezing rain that encased everything in 1/4" or more of solid ice. All told, it took me nearly an house to free our Saturn from it's icy cocoon that morning... It also played havoc with the local trees - that much ice is heavy, so lots of smaller limbs and quite a few whole trees snapped off. When a tree would snap, the ice would shatter all at once, and the net effect was a cross between a gunshot and a big thunderclap - it was loud enough to make you jump if it happened within 50 feet of where you were at.

SnowJan2004 006.jpg (237007 bytes) SnowJan2004 007.jpg (320896 bytes) SnowJan2004 008.jpg (268985 bytes) SnowJan2004 009.jpg (323389 bytes) SnowJan2004 010.jpg (377018 bytes) SnowJan2004 011.jpg (299723 bytes)

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