Snow - Dec 16-26th 2008
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The Great Seattle Blizzard of 2008 started out with a whimper. It was predicted to be much larger, but on the night of the 16th and the morning of the 17th we got little more than a dusting while areas north, south, and east of us got a few inches. Caitlin got in some attempts at sledding with the next door neighbor Dorothy, but it wasn't very much fun and they only got a few runs in before it was no more - too much grass sticking up through the snow ended that game.

SnowDec2008 001.jpg (2753811 bytes) SnowDec2008 002.jpg (2901742 bytes) SnowDec2008 003.jpg (2696018 bytes)

The next day was another story. On the night of the 18th and morning of the 19th it snowed a lot. Look at the last photo to see how much - our front yard had a total of 9" of snow! That's the most we've ever seen here. I actually had to shovel the front walkway for the first time since moving into the house. Every other time I could sweep it off or ignore it. This snow happened in the middle of a prolonged cold spell, so it stuck right away and stayed around for a bit. Caitlin even got in on the fun to help shovel. I actually had to go out and get chains to drive the Magnum around, so that ought to tell you something.

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But wait, there's more! Most of the day on the 19th and the 20th things were quiet - until the next winter storm moved in. The evening of the 20th and into the 21st, it snowed and we had quite a bit of wind. All of the snow on the trees and most of the snow on roofs was blown off, and we got new snow too. The result was drifting snow, weird snow formations, and quite a littering of branches and pine needles on top of and embedded in the snow. And then it snowed some more. The pond was completely covered in snow - there were no air pockets to be seen, and water in the stream and pond was freezing so badly that the pumps were having problems. The snow drift on the back porch was over a foot deep, there were small drifts in the front door area, and everything I had shoveled out previously was covered again. Also of interest, but not pictured, was that the front yard lights were completely covered - while they were on. They usually generate enough heat to melt the snow out to about 1" around them and on top of them, but the blowing snow was drifting in so fast, they were on, and lighting the snow drifts from underneath. All you could see were bright spots in the snow - it was really cool and really weird at the same time.

SnowDec2008 015.jpg (1718875 bytes) SnowDec2008 016.jpg (1598202 bytes) SnowDec2008 017.jpg (1805077 bytes) SnowDec2008 018.jpg (1871363 bytes) SnowDec2008 019.jpg (1728363 bytes) SnowDec2008 020.jpg (1690708 bytes) SnowDec2008 021.jpg (1507340 bytes)

We got even more snow off and on over the next few days (22nd-24th). The snow drift on the back deck was 15" deep. Maybe not much by some standards, but for us, that's a lot of snow.

SnowDec2008 022.jpg (1558451 bytes) SnowDec2008 023.jpg (1888321 bytes) SnowDec2008 024.jpg (1783084 bytes) SnowDec2008 025.jpg (1888928 bytes)

We also got snow on the morning of the 25th - Christmas Day. We were opening gifts with a steady snow falling outside and everything covered in snow already. It was like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting - very beautiful. None of us had ever had a "White Christmas", so it was pretty neat. To heck with the driving problems, this made it all worth it. And, we took a video so you can see how hard it was snowing. Wow!

SnowDec2008 026.jpg (1403540 bytes) SnowDec2008 027.jpg (1504966 bytes)

SnowDec2008 01.avi (21Mb)

And, for the final touch, we got some more snow on the morning of the 26th. Not much accumulation, but it was a heavy, wet snow which was perfect for making a snowman from. So, we did.

 SnowDec2008 028.jpg (1786276 bytes) SnowDec2008 029.jpg (1428744 bytes) SnowDec2008 030.jpg (1494910 bytes) SnowDec2008 031.jpg (1742834 bytes) SnowDec2008 032.jpg (2016050 bytes)

SnowDec2008 02.avi (4Mb)

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