Snow - Jan 10th, 2007
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We got some pretty good snow all around the Seattle area on the evening of January 10th, 2007. The next morning was perfect - cold (just below freezing), virtually crystal clear, and virtually no one was out and about. The pictures I shot turned out great - check out that bright blue sky! It was even better in person. The snow was perfect for packing into snowballs - Caitlin rapidly regretted her request to have a snowball fight with Daddy, but it was fun. The pond managed to not freeze over because the temp was right near freezing, so the reflection of the snow-covered house and tree in the pond was really pretty.

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I took some video of the main waterfall in the pond with the snow around it. I think running water with ice/snow around it looks cool.


The roads were even reasonably clear throughout all this, though the Legions of Frightened Northwest LemmingsTM that were out driving managed to make a mess of everything. You'd think that in a city that sees this much airborne water and is this close to the mountains that people would have a better idea how to drive in slippery conditions, but nope, we've got an incredible percentage of complete idiots out here that either drive way too fast or way too slow for the conditions. A mere 2"-6" of snow should not create a nightmare commute with a 4-5 hour long evening rush hour and complete carnage on the roads, but somehow it did. Someone even managed to end up in the ditch on one of the roads inside out neighborhood. It's a 25mph street people - you shouldn't be going anywhere near fast enough to slide 50+ feet and then slide off the road into the ditch! The kicker? It was a 4x4 truck. Ah, the joys of living in Seattle...

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