Snow - January 2012
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Another new year, more snow, another multi-day event; this storm lasted from mid-day Tuesday Jan 17, through (so far) Thursday Jan 19. This time, we were prepared with our 4x4 Suburban, so it was even more fun than in years past. <insert evil laughter here> :-) With a 4x4, 4 wheel chains, good tires, and some common sense while driving, snow on the ground just means more smiles per mile, which usually more than offsets the slower travel times to anyplace you might want to go. And there are fewer idiots out on the roads once you give enough time for them all to end up stuck in the ditch. :-)




Wave 1 - Tuesday:

The first wave was not huge, but enough to stick and pile up a bit.

SnowJanuary2012_01.jpg (1887412 bytes) SnowJanuary2012_02.jpg (1696701 bytes) SnowJanuary2012_03.jpg (1806978 bytes) SnowJanuary2012_04.jpg (1138687 bytes)

Snowmen from the remnants; as you can see it was melting by the time Caitlin did this.

SnowJanuary2012_05.jpg (2003720 bytes)


Wave 2 - Wednesday:

The second wave was a bit more vigorous. These were taken while it was still snowing. Note the "ridge" in the snow on the garage roof in the next to last photo. You can clearly see the heat loss into the attic affecting the snow melt rate...

SnowJanuary2012_06.jpg (2120087 bytes) SnowJanuary2012_07.jpg (2044648 bytes) SnowJanuary2012_08.jpg (1751559 bytes) SnowJanuary2012_09.jpg (2189373 bytes) SnowJanuary2012_10.jpg (2185951 bytes) SnowJanuary2012_11.jpg (1974385 bytes) SnowJanuary2012_12.jpg (1899276 bytes)

The snowmen had not fared well in the melting, and were steadily being covered up at this point.

SnowJanuary2012_13.jpg (1295390 bytes)

Our ceramic Snowmies were quite buried and hard to see, but our lone ceramic Gnomie was still keeping watch...

SnowJanuary2012_14.jpg (1341379 bytes) SnowJanuary2012_15.jpg (1264388 bytes)


Wave 3 - Thursday:

Most places around Seattle got nasty ice overnight between wave 2 and wave 3, we just got fine densely packed snow in our area. And then it started snowing some more during the day. They keep pushing back the predicted changeover to rain time each time we check the weather report... If it keeps snowing and doesn't change over to rain and stays snowy around here, things could get interesting - they're predicting some form of precipitation for the next week+. By this point, I've been out and about a few times in our Suburban, and the roads in our area were snow covered, but quite passable. Thank God for a reliable 4x4, or I'd have gotten a serious case of cabin fever by this point. :-)

SnowJanuary2012_16.jpg (1618935 bytes) SnowJanuary2012_17.jpg (2081371 bytes) SnowJanuary2012_18.jpg (1726853 bytes) SnowJanuary2012_19.jpg (1959193 bytes) SnowJanuary2012_20.jpg (2103729 bytes)

By the evening, it was still snowing lightly, and we'd accumulated ~7" of total snow. We lost a bit to melting at times, so the total depended on if you kept a running total of snowfall, or if you were measuring the resulting snowpack and even then, where you measured it.

SnowJanuary2012_21.jpg (1789207 bytes) SnowJanuary2012_22.jpg (1595244 bytes)


Wave 4- Friday:

We had some decent winds and a number of branches from my neighbors tree fell on my vehicles. The tree isn't doing that great (it looks like it has some sort of fungus growing all over it) and it routinely drips huge quantities of sap and drops branches on my side of the fence. I'd like to see the tree go away - I don't think it's terribly safe anymore - but my neighbor still likes it, so its here for now. I need to wait until after the snow melts to clean up the mess and peel back the car covers to find out of there is any damage to the vehicles. Nothing hugely damaging occurred by some miracle, but there might be some less noticeable damage once things get cleaned up a bit more.

SnowJanuary2012_23.jpg (1746384 bytes) SnowJanuary2012_24.jpg (1951276 bytes) SnowJanuary2012_25.jpg (1727745 bytes) SnowJanuary2012_26.jpg (2587418 bytes) SnowJanuary2012_27.jpg (2716259 bytes) SnowJanuary2012_28.jpg (2290114 bytes) SnowJanuary2012_29.jpg (1975069 bytes) SnowJanuary2012_30.jpg (2187234 bytes)

It's a really big tree...

SnowJanuary2012_31.jpg (1929015 bytes)

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