May 2004 - Jon's Gonzaga Graduation
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Jon graduated from Gonzaga University in May 2004, and like any proud parents, we headed out to Spokane and attended the ceremony. His brother even came along for the ride. We were as proud of Jon as would be expected, and we really enjoyed seeing him walk up and have his name called. We were also glad to almost be done making payments on the tuition - if he had done much more schooling my paycheck might have had to be direct deposited to Gonzaga University... :-) We're putting the pictures up here so the rest of the family that could not attend the graduation ceremony can see them.

NOTE: In every group picture where I could identify Jon, I either circled him in red or added a red arrow pointing to him. I still have the original images tucked away on our computer in case we want them for a photo album or something like that.

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