November 2009 - East Coast Tour
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In November 2009 we took an extended trip back east for my sister's wedding. We took extra time and went to a number of places while we were "in the area". A lot of this was homeschooling related stuff.

  •  Philadelphia, PA
  •  Arlington National Cemetery, Washington DC
  •  Williamsburg, VA
  •  Atlantic City, NJ
  •  Wildwood, NJ
  •  Valley Forge, PA
  •  Cape May, NJ
  •  New York, NY
  •  York, PA
  •  Gettysburg, PA


Caitlin at Liberty Bell Center in Philadelphia, posing with an actor portraying Major Samuel Nicholas, the original US marine and first Commandant of the Marine Corps. He had a lot of great details to tell, and did a great job.

2009-11_EastCoastTour001.jpg (2095472 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour002.jpg (2104562 bytes)

Inside Independence Hall.

2009-11_EastCoastTour003.jpg (2987031 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour004.jpg (3007161 bytes)

Outside Independence Hall, from various distances and perspectives.

2009-11_EastCoastTour005.jpg (2290501 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour006.jpg (1737419 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour007.jpg (1941535 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour008.jpg (2185652 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour009.jpg (1796781 bytes)

The Liberty Bell.

2009-11_EastCoastTour010.jpg (2119842 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour011.jpg (2170299 bytes)

Inside the National Constitution Center, in one of the final rooms (known as "Signer's Hall") where they had life-size bronze statues of all of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, with all of the details on them (face, size, clothes, etc.) as correct as possible. This was a very interesting chance to study the delegates in a way not normally possible, especially with the clothes styles. Some were very wealthy and it showed in their clothing and others were very average people who had very basic clothes.

2009-11_EastCoastTour012.jpg (2749706 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour013.jpg (2478901 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour014.jpg (2333952 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour015.jpg (2682702 bytes)

Some more views back to Independence Hall from the National Constitution Center.

2009-11_EastCoastTour016.jpg (2477272 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour017.jpg (2039825 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour018.jpg (2341871 bytes)

The National Constitution Center has all state flags shown, in order of their entrance to the union with relevant dates and info stamped into the floor under each flag. This was very cool.

2009-11_EastCoastTour019.jpg (2265740 bytes)

The main event: The Wedding! Caitlin made a very good Junior Bridesmaid.

2009-11_EastCoastTour020.jpg (2470575 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour021.jpg (2251672 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour022.jpg (2920474 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour023.jpg (2971995 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour024.jpg (2812917 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour025.jpg (2859525 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour026.jpg (2190513 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour027.jpg (2876794 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour028.jpg (2898283 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour029.jpg (2415990 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour030.jpg (2335321 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour031.jpg (1921873 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour032.jpg (1760335 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour033.jpg (1720544 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour034.jpg (1755309 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour035.jpg (1920852 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour036.jpg (1749856 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour037.jpg (1929230 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour038.jpg (2138279 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour039.jpg (1853591 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour040.jpg (1800324 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour041.jpg (2131137 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour042.jpg (1894371 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour043.jpg (1828075 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour044.jpg (1658046 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour045.jpg (1863240 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour046.jpg (2063036 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour047.jpg (1726066 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour048.jpg (1592322 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour049.jpg (1886989 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour050.jpg (1861517 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour051.jpg (1869425 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour052.jpg (2149869 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour053.jpg (2147093 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour054.jpg (2109531 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour055.jpg (1879861 bytes)

You can't have a wedding without a reception! Note the arrival of "flat Gwen", since the real Gwen was out of country with the Peace Corp during this time. She was in the group photos and even had a dance out on the dance floor.

2009-11_EastCoastTour056.jpg (2585910 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour057.jpg (2349698 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour058.jpg (2910226 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour059.jpg (2659569 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour060.jpg (1789789 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour061.jpg (2530314 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour062.jpg (2501983 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour063.jpg (1945608 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour064.jpg (2734553 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour065.jpg (2653760 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour066.jpg (2252577 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour067.jpg (2008359 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour068.jpg (1991894 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour069.jpg (1901073 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour070.jpg (1925508 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour071.jpg (2341785 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour072.jpg (2887874 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour073.jpg (3065715 bytes)

This is Caitlin wearing my paternal grandmother's mink stole. She passed long before I was born, so I never knew her. The initials match, which we thought was kind of neat. Deb got to wear this to to my sister's wedding.

2009-11_EastCoastTour074.jpg (1781961 bytes)

The trip down to Williamsburg, VA included a tour through Washington DC. Caitlin grabbed the camera and took a bunch of "interesting" pictures along the way.

2009-11_EastCoastTour075.jpg (1765093 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour076.jpg (1477256 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour077.jpg (1321034 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour078.jpg (1371859 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour079.jpg (1446948 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour080.jpg (1792208 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour081.jpg (1447361 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour082.jpg (1639036 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour083.jpg (1535504 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour084.jpg (1075112 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour085.jpg (1159283 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour086.jpg (1258383 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour087.jpg (1727861 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour088.jpg (1661183 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour089.jpg (1537617 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour090.jpg (1681196 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour091.jpg (1395270 bytes)

We wanted to drive through DC and see the sights since none of us had ever done that before, and by a fluke of construction and misdirected traffic we ended up in the paid parking area for Arlington National Cemetery. We had some extra time, so instead of leaving right away, we paid to park and took the tour. I'm very glad we did. It's very sobering to see the headstones, stand there and realize the cost of freedom. It was also very interesting to learn about the history of the site, what the different sections are, and other details. Watching the guard at The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is a very powerful and moving experience - the silence other than the clicking of the soldiers heels (and a lot of quiet camera whirring noises as folks took pictures) with Arlington and Washington DC laid out in the background was a very unique experience.

2009-11_EastCoastTour092.jpg (2092806 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour093.jpg (2167064 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour094.jpg (1797519 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour095.jpg (1627829 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour096.jpg (2825054 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour097.jpg (1349380 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour098.jpg (2473969 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour099.jpg (1929746 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour100.jpg (2419046 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour101.jpg (1884427 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour102.jpg (2267159 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour103.jpg (1622127 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour104.jpg (1630394 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour105.jpg (1977465 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour106.jpg (1900999 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour108.jpg (2200797 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour109.jpg (2099756 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour110.jpg (1523320 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour111.jpg (1712245 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour112.jpg (2657932 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour113.jpg (2729582 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour114.jpg (2663526 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour115.jpg (1424033 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour116.jpg (1894376 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour117.jpg (1808614 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour118.jpg (2025296 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour119.jpg (2534715 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour120.jpg (2219328 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour121.jpg (2430171 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour122.jpg (1499638 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour123.jpg (2651172 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour124.jpg (2325453 bytes)

The blacksmith at Colonial Williamsburg, VA. Caitlin was somewhat bored, but I found it very interesting. All of the hardware and nails used to restore the various buildings in Williamsburg come from here, where they make them on period correct equipment with period correct techniques. Amazing!

2009-11_EastCoastTour125.jpg (2113097 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour126.jpg (2898047 bytes)

Various scenes being re-enacted around Williamsburg. Very neat stuff, especially with the actors in the crowd and going about their business, and pulling some of the crowd into the re-enactment. We stopped to talk with a few of them (the row of actors in front of the short white fence with Deb and Caitlin talking to them) and they stayed completely in character the whole time. When Caitlin said she was from Seattle, they answered much like you would expect someone from that era to respond to someone who said they lived on the west coast - it wasn't even discovered in Colonial times. It was fun to watch Deb and Caitlin try to grasp it, and then Deb figured it out and had some fun with it. When they started talking about a recent scientific lecture that was put on in town and mentioned that there were now "7 known planets" (I think that was the number at that time) the light bulb went off for Deb. It was a very cool conversation for Caitlin - we talked that over for a while afterwards and she learned a lot from it. Many thanks to the actors for thinking on their feet here and having some fun with it too.

2009-11_EastCoastTour127.jpg (2320924 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour128.jpg (2319216 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour129.jpg (2218471 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour130.jpg (2069482 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour131.jpg (1859170 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour132.jpg (2978811 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour133.jpg (2623672 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour134.jpg (2651165 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour135.jpg (2343560 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour136.jpg (2633671 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour137.jpg (2506885 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour138.jpg (2843011 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour139.jpg (2169459 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour140.jpg (2110879 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour141.jpg (2011590 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour142.jpg (2089786 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour143.jpg (2129004 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour144.jpg (2389919 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour145.jpg (2233259 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour146.jpg (2124620 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour147.jpg (2800081 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour148.jpg (2716912 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour149.jpg (2815598 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour150.jpg (2711248 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour151.jpg (2005327 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour152.jpg (2800102 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour154.jpg (2599420 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour155.jpg (3196817 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour156.jpg (2728512 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour157.jpg (2352768 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour159.jpg (2935807 bytes)

Caitlin got the camera again and experimented with it again. She did get a number of pictures of our condo, some of which were actually in focus.

2009-11_EastCoastTour162.jpg (1110549 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour163.jpg (1063573 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour164.jpg (1177226 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour165.jpg (781601 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour166.jpg (1211589 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour167.jpg (1041173 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour168.jpg (1103668 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour169.jpg (1184856 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour170.jpg (1498018 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour171.jpg (1484111 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour172.jpg (1328226 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour173.jpg (1251006 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour174.jpg (1299172 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour175.jpg (1542713 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour176.jpg (1203915 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour177.jpg (1311806 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour178.jpg (1354850 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour179.jpg (1398939 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour180.jpg (1505098 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour181.jpg (1271808 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour182.jpg (1360431 bytes)

Caitlin also decided to do some self-portraits. Some of these are pretty good. She also got a couple of pictures of the sunset looking out of the condo window.

2009-11_EastCoastTour183.jpg (1267195 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour184.jpg (1145852 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour185.jpg (1164946 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour186.jpg (1263570 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour187.jpg (1120884 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour188.jpg (1124654 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour189.jpg (1207610 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour190.jpg (1126012 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour191.jpg (830786 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour192.jpg (847700 bytes)

The gunsmith at Williamsburg - I found this very interesting. They make actual working firearms on this equipment, and use them around Williamsburg in the re-enactments. That's very cool.

2009-11_EastCoastTour193.jpg (1158171 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour194.jpg (1222699 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour195.jpg (1051330 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour196.jpg (1382633 bytes)

Caitlin decided it would be more fun to play outside, though she did get pretty good at a Colonial era kids bowling game they had set up, along with a rope toss and some other period-correct kids games.

2009-11_EastCoastTour197.jpg (1863403 bytes)

Put her in the stocks! This first one is a great picture, and one of our favorites. :-)

2009-11_EastCoastTour198.jpg (1361400 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour199.jpg (1680886 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour200.jpg (1464508 bytes)

More re-enactments. The oxen did us the favor of watering the sidewalk next to us, giving an up close lesson in how unclean life could be back then. Naturally, Caitlin was more interested in the pile of leaves to jump around in. The videos of the band in white are from this day. We decided to eat dinner in Williamsburg that night at a small tavern; good food, good entertainment, and lots of fun for everyone.

2009-11_EastCoastTour201.jpg (2454413 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour202.jpg (2960403 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour203.jpg (2509020 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour204.jpg (2404315 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour205.jpg (2666042 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour206.jpg (2662747 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour207.jpg (2393124 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour208.jpg (3081113 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour209.jpg (3051392 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour210.jpg (2400017 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour212.jpg (2671433 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour213.jpg (2334896 bytes)

More self portraits. She was really into the "thumbs up" routine at this time.

2009-11_EastCoastTour216.jpg (1483547 bytes)

We drove along the Colonial Parkway from Williamsburg out to Yorktown, and naturally stopped to read every single sign along the way. It's a very beautiful drive along a wonderfully built and landscaped parkway. I was very surprised by the large monument to the French soldiers and sailors; we often forget about that aspect of things.

2009-11_EastCoastTour217.jpg (1998572 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour218.jpg (1742620 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour219.jpg (2135944 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour220.jpg (1849098 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour221.jpg (1903508 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour222.jpg (3089470 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour223.jpg (2413747 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour224.jpg (1910408 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour225.jpg (1147048 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour226.jpg (2224148 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour227.jpg (1748481 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour228.jpg (2785260 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour229.jpg (1206433 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour230.jpg (1643361 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour231.jpg (2823295 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour232.jpg (2544825 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour233.jpg (1672839 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour234.jpg (1733443 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour235.jpg (2242329 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour236.jpg (3298958 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour237.jpg (2823868 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour238.jpg (2520487 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour239.jpg (2620689 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour240.jpg (2309958 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour241.jpg (2704391 bytes)

These pictures are of the Revolutionary War era tents and cannon fire demonstration at the Yorktown Victory Center. Caitlin was selected as a "helper" for the battlefield surgeon during his demonstration. Very interesting stuff!

2009-11_EastCoastTour242.jpg (2689308 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour243.jpg (2342173 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour244.jpg (2920992 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour245.jpg (2768300 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour246.jpg (2817276 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour247.jpg (2310238 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour248.jpg (2586707 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour249.jpg (1971124 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour250.jpg (2083084 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour251.jpg (2149510 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour252.jpg (2702360 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour253.jpg (3068682 bytes)

The Yorktown Victory Monument. It was getting dark by this point, but it was still impressive. We drove around/through the original earthworks for the Battle of Yorktown, but were not able to get any pictures.

2009-11_EastCoastTour254.jpg (2554339 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour255.jpg (2459895 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour256.jpg (2165615 bytes)

We tried to see Mount Vernon, VA, and got most of the way in, but Caitlin had hit her limit for the day and had a total meltdown on the walk up to the main house. We ended up paying to get in but not seeing much but the grounds. Too bad; I really wanted to see the place. Oh well.

2009-11_EastCoastTour257.jpg (1968255 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour258.jpg (2578034 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour259.jpg (1950886 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour260.jpg (1990648 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour261.jpg (2000388 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour262.jpg (2356652 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour263.jpg (2393674 bytes)

Atlantic City, NJ. "Look Dad, the Atlantic Ocean!"... We also walked on the boardwalk for a bit, our condo was right on the boardwalk, and saw what was left of the famed "Steel Pier". It was winter and not as much fun as in the summer, but Caitlin can still say she was here.

2009-11_EastCoastTour264.jpg (2254869 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour265.jpg (1912078 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour266.jpg (1698499 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour267.jpg (1462340 bytes)

No trip to Atlantic City could be complete without a quick drive to to see Lucy the Elephant. This is one of those "only in NJ" sort of things...

2009-11_EastCoastTour268.jpg (1051097 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour269.jpg (1203179 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour270.jpg (2238570 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour271.jpg (2341443 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour272.jpg (1676493 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour273.jpg (1599010 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour274.jpg (1454480 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour275.jpg (1418378 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour276.jpg (1935454 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour277.jpg (1471480 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour278.jpg (1653588 bytes)

Since we were in the area, we also checked out Wildwood, NJ and walked on the beach. My family used to vacation in Wildwood Crest every summer when I was growing up, so it was interesting to see if I could find the same places again now. I think this is the same area we used to play on the beach when we were there. The beach here is super-wide; the hike from the bulkhead out to the water took some time. This is one of the oddities of Wildwood - their beach grows naturally due to offshore sandbars and favorable currents depositing sand on the beach from surrounding areas. This makes the beech incredibly wide in some areas.

2009-11_EastCoastTour279.jpg (1665148 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour280.jpg (1404600 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour281.jpg (1471250 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour282.jpg (1368878 bytes)

This is the end of the island up in North Wildwood.

2009-11_EastCoastTour284.jpg (1475992 bytes)

A couple of nice shots of the sunset looking back over the bay behind Wildwood.

2009-11_EastCoastTour285.jpg (1579670 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour286.jpg (1522703 bytes)

We had some excitement back in Atlantic City that night - a fire broke out in a shop on the pier across the boardwalk from our condo, and it was a reasonably big affair to get under control. We missed getting pictures of the flames, though.

2009-11_EastCoastTour287.jpg (1533307 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour288.jpg (1402942 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour289.jpg (2518182 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour290.jpg (2186370 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour291.jpg (1246594 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour292.jpg (2099670 bytes)

We also went to Valley Forge, PA and took the tour. Our tour guide was the single most hyper person I have ever met, and she knew it. She was lots of fun and we learned a lot. Washington's Headquarters was very impressive, especially the fact that he insisted on paying for the use of the grounds instead of just commandeering them.

2009-11_EastCoastTour293.jpg (2467902 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour294.jpg (2780427 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour295.jpg (1952818 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour297.jpg (2496789 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour298.jpg (3478333 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour299.jpg (2885387 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour300.jpg (1993737 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour301.jpg (2112635 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour302.jpg (2978548 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour303.jpg (2313161 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour304.jpg (2209208 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour305.jpg (2207305 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour306.jpg (2200246 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour307.jpg (2391879 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour308.jpg (2329488 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour309.jpg (2992355 bytes)

We visited Cape May, NJ, but it was a rather windy rainy day with very little open, so we got to drive around, get a couple of pictures of the sunken concrete ship, and visit a local gift shop for some stuff.

2009-11_EastCoastTour310.jpg (1984236 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour311.jpg (1824416 bytes)

We visited New York and saw Ground Zero. My parents went with us - they had never been there before. The bronze memorial on the fire station across the street was impressive, and new since our last visit.

2009-11_EastCoastTour312.jpg (2980344 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour313.jpg (3163951 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour314.jpg (3146643 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour315.jpg (1973287 bytes)

This is over at Battery Park. The sculpture seen here was originally in the plaza of the World Trade Center, but was moved here and the eternal flame re-lit after it was recovered form the rubble of the collapsed towers. The actors are dressed up as the statue of liberty and when they stand still, you don't notice they are people. When they start dancing about it was...different.

2009-11_EastCoastTour316.jpg (1964011 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour317.jpg (2770281 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour318.jpg (2704461 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour319.jpg (2535958 bytes)

We took the ferry over to Ellis Island for the rest of the afternoon. My dad and I love these sorts of places - we'll read every single piece of information on our way through the place and see everything. The women, not so much. I loved the intricate mechanical works used to open the enormous banks of windows from just a few window cranks. The expanse of floor space was very impressive, as were the tiled ceilings and lighting. The picture of the points of entry with numbers was for further research - both my father and I were surprised that anyone was gaining entry to the US at Ketchikan, AK in 1903 since it wasn't even an official US territory until 1912. The historic candy sign was interesting, as was the view back to New York. The skyline just doesn't look right without the twin towers there. Some exterior shots, group shots, and a foam "Statue of Liberty" headband for Caitlin completed our tour of Ellis Island.

2009-11_EastCoastTour320.jpg (1402694 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour321.jpg (1330224 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour322.jpg (1584073 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour323.jpg (1477537 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour324.jpg (1801421 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour325.jpg (1487338 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour326.jpg (1607392 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour327.jpg (1982920 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour328.jpg (1848738 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour329.jpg (2799250 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour330.jpg (2504171 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour331.jpg (1597101 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour332.jpg (2316629 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour333.jpg (1789943 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour334.jpg (2407776 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour335.jpg (2771307 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour336.jpg (2395270 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour337.jpg (2334627 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour338.jpg (2062503 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour339.jpg (1399312 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour340.jpg (1886527 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour341.jpg (1513934 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour342.jpg (1353500 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour343.jpg (1627505 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour344.jpg (1576937 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour345.jpg (1485705 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour346.jpg (1797560 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour347.jpg (1602653 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour348.jpg (3042960 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour349.jpg (2866717 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour350.jpg (1816532 bytes)

Radio City Music Hall, while driving by. Naturally, we hit a bump just as I took the picture.

2009-11_EastCoastTour351.jpg (2305707 bytes)

At Aunt Jenn's and Uncle Bill's house in Philadelphia, PA for Thanksgiving.

2009-11_EastCoastTour352.jpg (2564228 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour353.jpg (2763110 bytes)

While we were back on the east coast we visited some old friends of mine, Roy and Kathy Wescher, in York, PA. They took us out to Gettysburg, PA for a day trip. This was a fascinating trip; I could spend days going over the site and learning about it. The new visitor center was very impressive. The one thing that really struck me was that many of the monuments for the southern states had fresh flowers placed on them on a regular basis by private citizens, almost like you would see at gravesites. That was unexpected, and indicative of the passion this site still stirs for many folks. Caitlin grabbed the camera a few times again, too. Also, the details surrounding Little Round Top and "The Devils' Den" were most fascinating. This is the area of the battlefield where for years after the war ended, soldiers remains would get found in various cracks and crevices in the rocks. The rock formations here are enormous with many cracks, crevices, and have many unexpected hiding places. The topography here is unlike anything else in the rest of the battlefields for Gettysburg. The fact that this area of the battlefield was ignored and that one man (Brig. General G. K. Warren) put Union forces here at the last minute is a testimony to how big of an impact one man making one decision can make. Had that one decision not happened and the Confederacy had outflanked the Union line, the Battle of Gettysburg may have been very different. I find those sorts of pivotal moments and decisions incredibly fascinating.

2009-11_EastCoastTour354.jpg (2589344 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour355.jpg (1783137 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour356.jpg (2919102 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour357.jpg (2241612 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour358.jpg (2320125 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour359.jpg (1429072 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour360.jpg (1729435 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour361.jpg (1156926 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour362.jpg (1199419 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour363.jpg (1663892 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour364.jpg (1604550 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour365.jpg (1394439 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour366.jpg (2334350 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour367.jpg (2096217 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour368.jpg (1883423 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour369.jpg (1849213 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour370.jpg (1677606 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour371.jpg (990584 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour372.jpg (2324606 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour373.jpg (1752652 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour374.jpg (2072751 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour375.jpg (2151604 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour376.jpg (2326139 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour377.jpg (2312930 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour378.jpg (2574262 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour379.jpg (2568527 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour380.jpg (3219847 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour381.jpg (1690248 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour382.jpg (1987672 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour383.jpg (2353012 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour384.jpg (2955341 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour385.jpg (2322250 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour386.jpg (2404751 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour387.jpg (2126053 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour388.jpg (2206048 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour389.jpg (2168017 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour390.jpg (1745147 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour391.jpg (2680200 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour392.jpg (2689000 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour393.jpg (1852708 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour394.jpg (2032782 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour395.jpg (2498310 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour396.jpg (1732672 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour397.jpg (1395075 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour398.jpg (1689795 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour399.jpg (2888993 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour400.jpg (2108448 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour401.jpg (2041698 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour402.jpg (2913151 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour403.jpg (2002581 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour404.jpg (2414121 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour405.jpg (2245135 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour406.jpg (2001208 bytes)

While in York, the Weschers took us to a small county park named Nixon Park (yes, named after that Nixon). It was very pretty and had lots of neat stuff, including a live, working, indoor beehive under Plexiglas. The next to last picture is the entrance to the hive that extends through the building wall - it's the small pipe below the "streak" on the wall. We couldn't figure out what the streak was from, but it seemed bee-related. There was a small pond, and a fairly complete indoor exhibit of stuffed animals (aka, prepared by a taxidermist) set up in life-like displays with descriptive plaques on all of them. The land for the park was originally donated by Bob Hoffman who was quite famous in the weightlifting circles and who started York barbell.

2009-11_EastCoastTour407.jpg (2799414 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour408.jpg (2695132 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour409.jpg (3062869 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour410.jpg (2274583 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour411.jpg (2410808 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour412.jpg (1569401 bytes) 2009-11_EastCoastTour413.jpg (3148916 bytes)

While visiting with the Wescher's, they took a few pictures on their camera. The first was when we helped them get a fresh Christmas tree (what a hike!), the second when we visited Gettysburg, and the third was at Nixon Park.

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