1958 Buick Gallery
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These are pictures of other 1958 Buicks I've taken over the years.


This is the color scheme we want to paint our 1958 Buick in, if we ever get it done.

MaroonAndSilver1.jpg (25802 bytes) MaroonAndSilver2.jpg (29969 bytes)


Here's a copper-colored 1958 Century I saw at the July 2007 Buick Club of America National Meet.

1958BuickCentury_CopperColor01.jpg (2316348 bytes) 1958BuickCentury_CopperColor02.jpg (2167981 bytes) 1958BuickCentury_CopperColor03.jpg (1709755 bytes) 1958BuickCentury_CopperColor04.jpg (1772048 bytes) 1958BuickCentury_CopperColor05.jpg (1601587 bytes) 1958BuickCentury_CopperColor06.jpg (1883985 bytes) 1958BuickCentury_CopperColor07.jpg (1627571 bytes)


Here's a neat custom 50's Buick (1955?) that I saw the the July 2007 Buick Club of America National Meet. The neat thing is the late-model seats they used in it and got 3-point shoulder belts in a 1950's convertible. If you look closely at the second picture, you can see the seat and seat belts through the reflections in the glass.

CustomizedBuick_Blue01.jpg (1914523 bytes) CustomizedBuick_Blue02.jpg (1443928 bytes)

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