1958 Buick Special Parts Car
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That's right kids - it's parts car time! It's a 1958 Buick Special 4 door, and it's reasonably complete. I'm buying it for a few odds and ends I need and then I'm selling off pretty much everything else.

You can email me to ask questions or make an offer on a part. There is a list below of parts that are already gone - please read it before sending me parts requests. Also, this page has photos of almost everything on the car with the most recent photos being at the bottom - check them also. If you want a specific trim piece, your best option is to grab the a photo, use a graphics editing program to highlight the part(s) you want, and email the highlighted photo to me with your request. It's the digital version of walking up to the car, pointing at at piece, and saying "I'd like that part". As a side note, .BMP files are huge to email; .JPG files are much smaller. The version of Paint Brush that comes with Windows XP can edit and save .JPG files. If you're not running Windows XP, you should be. :-)

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 Here is how it arrived - sitting in my driveway quietly awaiting parts removal.

1958BuickSpecialPartsCar018.jpg (417073 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar019.jpg (413083 bytes)


What's Gone or Not For Sale

If you wanted these parts, sorry, but they're gone or were never with the car in the first place:

  •  Engine
  •  Grill
  •  Clock
  •  Taillight lenses
  •  Ignition switch
  •  Turn signal switch
  •  Wiper arms and blades
  •  Various trim pieces - check photos

If you wanted these parts, sorry, but I'm keeping them for my own use:

  •  Transmission
  •  Gauge cluster
  •  Wiper Control Lever and Wire

That leaves a whole lotta car, so ask away.


Engine Removal

It's out, and it was quite the chore. No major mishaps, though, so it's not too bad.  The engine is supposed to have been recently rebuilt before it was stored, and based on what I found when I tore it down for a pre-sales inspection, I'd believe it. It was in nicer shape than the one in the '58 Special I'm trying to restore! The guy who bought the engine got a helluva good deal - I want to see some pics of his car doing a smoky burnout with my old engine. :-)

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Requested Pictures

These are some shots of various parts for people who have requested them to see if they want to buy the parts. Any circled or highlighted pieces in these photos are for the reference of the person interested in that part. Intermingled in here are pictures I took as I was dismantling the car to use as a reference for myself (and for others) when I have to re-assemble things on my car - just think of this as a pictorial manual for the car.

1958BuickSpecialPartsCar020.jpg (292419 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar021.jpg (335004 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar022.jpg (246241 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar023.jpg (216132 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar024.jpg (294964 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar025.jpg (240375 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar026.jpg (245560 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar027.jpg (259976 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar028.jpg (253107 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar029.jpg (368185 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar030.jpg (408529 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar031.jpg (441890 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar032.jpg (266163 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar033.jpg (294726 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar034.jpg (228884 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar035.jpg (249141 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar036.jpg (347967 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar055.jpg (248784 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar056.jpg (171388 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar057.jpg (167402 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar058.jpg (466488 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar059.jpg (383196 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar060.jpg (403450 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar061.jpg (421298 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar066.jpg (417352 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar067.jpg (397305 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar068.jpg (402976 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar070.jpg (267804 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar071.jpg (319886 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar072.jpg (322373 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar073.jpg (321152 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar074.jpg (325878 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar075.jpg (328283 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar076.jpg (335570 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar077.jpg (375702 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar078.jpg (434558 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar079.jpg (438320 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar080.jpg (433711 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar081.jpg (318247 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar082.jpg (336322 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar097.jpg (338733 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar098.jpg (309307 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar099.jpg (320698 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar100.jpg (344144 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar101.jpg (357826 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar102.jpg (381430 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar103.jpg (432542 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar106.jpg (509606 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar107.jpg (513722 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar108.jpg (582797 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar109.jpg (269933 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar110.jpg (558781 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar111.jpg (253575 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar112.jpg (264126 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar113.jpg (238844 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar114.jpg (261708 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar115.jpg (331581 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar116.jpg (327175 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar117.jpg (343384 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar118.jpg (312869 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar119.jpg (569489 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar120.jpg (566249 bytes) 1958BuickRearBumperDiagram.jpg (354902 bytes)


Sold Stuff

This is stuff that's been sold or has to do with stuff that's been sold.

1958BuickSpecialPartsCar037.jpg (252078 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar038.jpg (231086 bytes) 1958BuickIgnitionSwitchRemoval.jpg (936986 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar039.jpg (230863 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar040.jpg (226873 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar041.jpg (256002 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar042.jpg (241436 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar043.jpg (268794 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar044.jpg (259406 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar045.jpg (245412 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar046.jpg (238284 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar047.jpg (79926 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar048.jpg (292371 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar049.jpg (272605 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar050.jpg (271899 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar051.jpg (221276 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar052.jpg (234462 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar053.jpg (288090 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar054.jpg (295308 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar062.jpg (310577 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar063.jpg (292511 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar064.jpg (294359 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar065.jpg (234516 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar069.jpg (257539 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar095.jpg (261540 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar096.jpg (225605 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar104.jpg (305810 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar105.jpg (289638 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar121.jpg (1479622 bytes) 1958BuickSpecialPartsCar122.jpg (1549296 bytes)


Purchasing Order

This was Car #18. Another parts car, but the first one I did not plan to cut to shreds as fast as I could. My first experience with folks emailing me and making parts requests. My first experience with selling parts off one of my parts cars. Also, while trailering it home, I had my first experience with major trailer sway and having a trailer try to "come around" on me at highway speeds. Scary, but I managed to recover without trauma, and apparently without my passenger (my Dad) noticing it was as bad as it was. Good think he wasn't watching the trailer in the rear view mirror. :-)

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