1970 Buick Electra Parts Car
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1970 Buick Electra

I picked this car up from another member of my local Buick club chapter for the measly sum of $100. He had already grabbed the 455 engine and TH400 trans and will be grabbing the wheels/tires and front brake drums, but this car has solid floor pans (which I desperately need for my 1970 Electra convertible) along with a bunch of other odds and ends I can use - such as a trunk lid and hood without any rust on the leading/trailing edges, and front fenders with corning lights in them. It also has a much nicer hood latch mechanism than mine does (easier to use) and some options mine does not have that can be easily transplanted such as the cruise control and the six-way power front bench seat.

The options I have found on the car are listed below, with the ones that are not on my 1970 Electra convertible shown in green. Not too bad for a $100 car I originally looked at because the seller said the floor pans were still solid and that's the biggest part I need for my convertible...

  •  Air Conditioning
  •  Power windows
  •  Six-way power front bench seat
  •  Cornering lights
  •  Cruise control (missing the activation button which is part of the turn signal lever)
  •  Speed alert
  •  Trip odometer
  •  Blower style rear defroster
  •  Power trunk release
  •  Rear speaker
  •  Map Light (integrated into the rear view mirror)
  •  Automatic Rear Level Control via self-adjusting rear air-shocks


I apologize for the fact that some of the pictures are out of focus; I recently bought a new digital camera and I'm still having some trouble convincing the auto-focus to focus on what I want it to focus on...


As Purchased

It's really not in bad shape. Other than wasted carpets and a moderately funky smell in the interior due to a leaking rear window and a trunk full of junk (including the remnants of the final trip the grocery store in this car's life), if this thing still had a motor and trans in it, it would be worth cleaning up and saving. Lucky for me, the engine and trans are long gone - so I get a parts car! Note the distinct lack of rust around the exterior of the car - particularly the hood leading edge, trunk trailing edge, and front fenders. Even the rear wheel skirts are in great shape. Looks like I made out on my $100 parts car.

1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar01.jpg (1378422 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar02.jpg (1352901 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar03.jpg (1243254 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar04.jpg (1320807 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar05.jpg (1356265 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar06.jpg (1401444 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar07.jpg (1344671 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar08.jpg (1274548 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar09.jpg (1374695 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar10.jpg (1359245 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar11.jpg (1446894 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar12.jpg (1352284 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar13.jpg (1374799 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar14.jpg (1238292 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar15.jpg (1248923 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar16.jpg (1259006 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar17.jpg (1254773 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar18.jpg (1321928 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar19.jpg (1399707 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar20.jpg (1315032 bytes)


Carpet And Seats Removed To Inspect Floorpans

This was the true test of the reason for buying this car. Once the power system for the front seat was tested, the front and rear seats were removed, and the carpet and sound deadener pulled up - would the floor pans prove to be in usable condition? Well, they're a bit worse than I'd hoped for, but they are still intact everywhere except under the rear seat. Woh-hoh! They do have a good bit of surface rust, and some flaking, but they are intact and structurally sound. I've been kneeling and sitting directly on them as I work on the car, and no signs of bending or buckling have showed up, so I'm calling this a suitable set of donor floor pans. The area under the rear seat is wasted - you can see the pinholes in a few of the photos. While I was vacuuming out the remnants of the interior, whole sections of the floor pans under the rear seat were actually flaking off - not unlike peeling the layers off an onion - and getting sucked into my shop vac. It was weird and cool at the same time. To illustrate how much the rear window area leaked, check out the aftermarket speaker that was sitting in the trunk below the rear package shelf - if you look closely, you will see that is is filled with water, including the small tweeter! Somehow I doubt it's salvageable. :-)

My plan is to gut the interior of the car (while carefully tagging and storing the parts I plan to re-use vs. the ones that are up for sale), then clean, de-rust, and re-prime the floor pans while they are still in the donor car. That way I can stop the rust from progressing and have them ready to cut out and install in my convertible after I get a new convertible top is installed. Think about it this way - the floor pans are the same size as the passenger compartment of this beast - where are you going to be able to store something that big and bulky until you need it all while protecting it fro the weather. Yep, the car stays weather-tight (or at least as weather-tight as it is now :-) until I'm ready for the floor pans. I'll probably do the same with the hood and front fenders. No sense storing it on the ground and risking mangling it when it's in a perfectly good storage location right now mounted on the car.

1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar21.jpg (1397659 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar22.jpg (1601752 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar23.jpg (1435389 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar24.jpg (1388308 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar25.jpg (1548542 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar26.jpg (1434498 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar27.jpg (1514944 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar28.jpg (1571098 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar29.jpg (1353979 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar30.jpg (1508824 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar31.jpg (1420509 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar32.jpg (1427729 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar33.jpg (1397182 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar34.jpg (1410416 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar35.jpg (1472452 bytes)


Dashboard Removed and Parts Inventoried

This was the first big job to get done - pulling the dashboard and sorting out the myriad parts it contains. I will be using a good number of these parts on my car, right down to the various dash supports. Mine are also suffering from a case of surface rust, so I will take these and sandblast them, paint them, and store them until I'm ready to re-assemble things on the convertible. The various pictures here are intended to help show me how various parts were installed in the car and how the related to one another - sort of a pictorial assembly manual. A year or more from now when I go to re-install this stuff and it's all clean, painted, and shiny - these pictures will be all I have to go on to tell me how this stuff goes back together. I sure hope my website doesn't crash and burn before then... :-)

I came across some interesting stuff while doing this. One was that the key buzzer wire was cut at the base of the steering column. Another was that the turn signal lever that should have contained a button for the cruise control and had a wiring harness coming out of it and going down the steering column - it was simply missing. The instrument cluster, while largely intact, was very fragile in areas - particularly at the mounting points along the top and for and for various mounting points for things like the left side AC vent - and anything metal was pretty rusty from the amount of moisture that had gotten into the car. The trip odometer doesn't work - or at least won't reset - but it is locked in at a pleasant 777 miles.

Note that to get the steering column and brake pedal support out, I had to remove the power brake booster and master cylinder. They are being safely stored away for use in another possible project - converting my 1958 Buick Special to a more modern dual master cylinder braking system. Even if they are only used for mock-ups and initial system testing, they are working now and basically free, plus I can use them as cores if (when) I buy new parts to install on the '58. Waste not, want not...

1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar36.jpg (1445070 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar37.jpg (1359800 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar38.jpg (1326233 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar39.jpg (1286350 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar40.jpg (1011096 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar41.jpg (1336448 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar42.jpg (1426319 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar43.jpg (1054321 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar44.jpg (1428967 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar45.jpg (1480638 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar46.jpg (1455748 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar47.jpg (1340952 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar48.jpg (1451071 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar49.jpg (1380595 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar50.jpg (1475357 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar51.jpg (1315861 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar52.jpg (1441100 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar53.jpg (1240081 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar54.jpg (1397451 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar55.jpg (1464400 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar56.jpg (1387180 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar57.jpg (1401874 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar58.jpg (1364213 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar59.jpg (1309594 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar60.jpg (1407084 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar61.jpg (1381530 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar62.jpg (1481601 bytes)


Door Panels, Wiring Harness, and Remaining Interior Bits Removed

Yanking the door panels, the wiring harness, and the remaining interior trim  was pretty simple. No real surprises here other than how hard it will be to get the wiring harnesses out of the doors - that will have to wait until I either take the doors off the car or remove the front fenders to get access to the leading edge of the door better. There is simply no room to get in between the door and the body to remove the rubber "tube" the wiring runs through in between the body and the doors. And I need to get the door wiring out relatively intact - the power seat wiring that I want to use goes through it. Yay.

1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar63.jpg (1380465 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar64.jpg (1323050 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar65.jpg (1302557 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar66.jpg (1273162 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar67.jpg (1365917 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar68.jpg (1306150 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar69.jpg (1282640 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar70.jpg (1244611 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar71.jpg (1308553 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar72.jpg (1294483 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar73.jpg (1078830 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar74.jpg (1175500 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar75.jpg (1494400 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar76.jpg (1316330 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar87.jpg (1562080 bytes)

Engine Compartment Components and Heater/AC System Removed

Again, more relatively boring stuff. It all came off easily and I was able to get the hood release mechanism off in one piece - it's a bit nicer of a style than mine (a running change on the production line, perhaps?), so I'll be using it. The nastiest part here was standing in the engine compartment to get to the AC box bolts - the front crossmember, sway bar, and steering center link were covered in some really nasty spooge that I tried very hard not to get on me. The actual bolt and part removal went smoothly, and by laying a large rag across the crossmember, I was able to sit on it while working and not get my jeans greasy. The rag was a total loss, but it gave it's life for a good cause. :-)

1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar77.jpg (1369591 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar78.jpg (1389730 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar79.jpg (1474964 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar80.jpg (1409035 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar81.jpg (1444708 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar82.jpg (1557529 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar83.jpg (983031 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar84.jpg (1541993 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar85.jpg (1562448 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar86.jpg (1365176 bytes)


Wheels, Suspension, Gas Tank, Underbody Components, Taillights, and Bumpers Removed

Time for the fun stuff. The car is now off the trailer and up on jack stands in my driveway. The wheels/tires along with the front brake drums came off the car and are going back to the fellow I bought the car from - that was part of the original purchasing agreement. The rear taillights and bumper came next, then the gas tank. The gas tank in particular looks quite good - exactly what I was hoping for because mine has some small leaks. I pulled the float assembly and looked into the tank with a flashlight - no crud in the bottom and no visible rust. Score! I even found what looks to be the original build sheet tucked between the gas tank and the body. Even better, I was able to remove all of the gas tank attaching hardware (straps, bolts, cage nuts and clips) without damaging anything. Lots of time with a small wire brush and a liberal hosing down of things with PB Blaster works wonders at times.

The rear axle was a bit stubborn, but it too came out without much effort. When I took that out I found the automatic level control valve - see the pics for a close-up. The shocks in it were standard-issue gas shocks and the original air shocks were long gone. I saved all the level control bits in case I do decide to re-use them. I also removed all of the wiring from the trunk lid along with the power trunk release and lock mechanism while I was working on the back of the car. The fuel and rear brake lines came next - I saved all of the little clips and attaching bolts so I'd have plenty of spares for my car later on. Even the little clips that held the rear air line to one of the gas lines where it ran down the frame rail got saved, except for the one that took off for points unknown when I tugged on the air hose line the first time.

1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar88.jpg (1261883 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar89.jpg (1257552 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar90.jpg (1390418 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar91.jpg (1480313 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar92.jpg (1504229 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar93.jpg (1531839 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar94.jpg (1318504 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar95.jpg (1269695 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar96.jpg (1361287 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar97.jpg (1380028 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar98.jpg (1473676 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar99.jpg (1537953 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar100.jpg (1405530 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar101.jpg (1433212 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar104.jpg (1278893 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar105.jpg (1473587 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar106.jpg (1396428 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar107.jpg (1399930 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar108.jpg (1304416 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar109.jpg (1436841 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar110.jpg (1357903 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar111.jpg (1315204 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar112.jpg (1465664 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar113.jpg (1277603 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar114.jpg (1393588 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar115.jpg (1358223 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar116.jpg (1385262 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar117.jpg (1422696 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar118.jpg (1504250 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar119.jpg (1430251 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar120.jpg (1408521 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar121.jpg (1437185 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar122.jpg (1434260 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar123.jpg (1467028 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar124.jpg (1463630 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar125.jpg (1345559 bytes)


Everything Else

The final thrash went by pretty fast. I started by removing the front sheet metal, doors, and glass. Along the way I cleaned up and primed the floor and trunk sections I wanted to save. It turned out that the drivers side floorpan was too wasted to save. The core support and inner fender were very rusty under the battery tray area, but I saved what I could, if only to be used as a pattern for a replacement chunk of metal to be crafted by hand since pretty much nothing is reproduced for this car. I also found some unexpected rust on the bottom rear section of the driver's side front fender - it was behind the lower trim piece so I only found it once that was removed.

On the subject of removing the glass, I found out that only the windshield fits the convertible, and I managed to crack that getting it out. Blech. The other 4 pieces are available for anyone who needs them, though. I even managed to get the trim off without serious damage except for the upper windshield trim pieces which got totally mangled and thrown away.

1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar126.jpg (1283512 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar127.jpg (1051058 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar128.jpg (1057273 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar129.jpg (1036406 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar130.jpg (1407818 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar131.jpg (1556118 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar132.jpg (1121233 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar133.jpg (1302402 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar134.jpg (1365329 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar135.jpg (1386330 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar136.jpg (1368310 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar137.jpg (1261097 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar138.jpg (1386069 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar139.jpg (1219893 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar140.jpg (1246464 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar141.jpg (1311645 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar142.jpg (1558729 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar143.jpg (1411569 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar144.jpg (1374456 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar145.jpg (1435068 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar146.jpg (1414627 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar147.jpg (1384671 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar148.jpg (1335215 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar149.jpg (1361710 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar150.jpg (1498644 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar151.jpg (1445804 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar152.jpg (1392992 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar153.jpg (1523246 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar154.jpg (1344314 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar155.jpg (1283506 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar156.jpg (1309588 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar157.jpg (1371774 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar158.jpg (1449331 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar159.jpg (1382263 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar160.jpg (1415161 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar161.jpg (1311820 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar162.jpg (1388835 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar163.jpg (1359780 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar164.jpg (1299099 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar165.jpg (1348254 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar166.jpg (1436836 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar167.jpg (1443277 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar168.jpg (1433554 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar169.jpg (1416263 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar170.jpg (1455748 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar171.jpg (1360827 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar172.jpg (1457718 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar173.jpg (1473550 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar174.jpg (1496572 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar175.jpg (1443652 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar176.jpg (1526849 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar177.jpg (1422016 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar178.jpg (1418754 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar179.jpg (1370912 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar180.jpg (1179317 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar181.jpg (1378910 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar182.jpg (1447614 bytes)

Build Sheet

I got lucky and found a build sheet between the gas tank and the trunk floor, and managed to get the grunge and tape off it so I could read it. I plan on decoding it to find out if it's really for my car or not - it'll be a good "dry run" in case I find the one for my convertible when I take the gas tank out of it. If I can find enough information to do the decoding, maybe I'll create a web page about decoding these things.

Here are the as-removed and after cleaning pictures.

1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar102.jpg (1434540 bytes) 1970BuickElectra2DoorPartsCar103.jpg (1364363 bytes)

Here are two scans of the build sheet.

1970BuickElectraPartsCarBuildSheet01.jpg (1061963 bytes) 1970BuickElectraPartsCarBuildSheet02.jpg (1084604 bytes)


For Sale

The good news is that there are a lot of small odds and ends up for sale that I will not need from this car, so ask if you want something. I saved pretty much everything. The bad news is that it's been a while since I took this car apart, and not much is left.


Purchasing Order

This was car #22. The first car someone called me about to tell me I should buy it. The first car I bought intending to use major body pieces on another car for rust repair. My first experience towing with my own car trailer.

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