1973 Electra - New Engine
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Sadly, too much cruising and one too many full-throttle stomps relegated the original motor to "rebuilder" status. How? Let's just say that it can't even hold 5psi of oil pressure at idle once the motor is hot. Ouch. That means rebuild plans for an engine to put into the car were on my list of to-do items - sadly, I had no idea how long it would be on there. A new house, an unexpected (but very much loved) daughter arriving, the motor on my Suburban going out, etc. - if you're getting the idea that lots of life happened and got in the way of me getting my beloved Electra back on the road, you're getting the picture. Life and kids got in the way of this project and it ended up sitting for years. It was always a "write the check and spend the time" issue to get this car back on the road again, and that's frustrating that I had neither to spare for so long.

After many years of laying dormant, I'm showing signs of working on this project again. The Electra has even been drug out of it's long hibernation in my side yard - it's now front and center in my driveway where it awaits a thorough cleaning and a fresh engine to motivate it. I acquired a rebuildable Buick 430 V8 in a 1969 Riviera parts car, and was going to rebuild it for use here, but it's unclear if I will or not. The car needs a bunch of other work to make it roadworthy again, and I'm not sure I want to just slap this back onto the road with minimal repairs. Since I now have a 1972 Electra to cruise around it, I might just take the extra time to do a better job on rebuilding this car for street duty again.

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