1973 Buick Electra - NJ
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1973 Buick Electra - NJ

My first Buick. I co-owned this car with a friend (John Longcope) when I lived in NJ, and sold him back my half before I moved out to WA. I originally became a co-owner because he had lost his license and was unable to buy insurance on the car. I had insurance, so as a co-owner I could simply add it to my policy. It was a dark green 2 door with a tan interior, had AC, power windows, and not too many other options. It was big, fast, and fun.

As a bit of a side-note, the person I co-owned this car with, John Longcope, is the person responsible for getting me interested in cars to begin with. If I had not met him, you probably wouldn't be reading my website today. John's brother is the one who sold me my first car and I spent many days and nights at their house where they lived with their mother and Grandmother. Sadly, John was killed in a car accident in FL a few years back, and he never got to see most of the cool stuff I've been doing with cars, tools, and all things mechanical. He would have been excited and proud to know about it, and he would have no doubt shared my crazy hopes and dreams for hot-rodding my new 1973 Buick Electra. Many of the ideas I have about what to do with it were developed in cooperation with John during the many nights we spent hanging out, bench racing and brainstorming about what we should do to this car. I do miss hanging out with him - he was a big part of my life before I moved out here to WA, and I've never really met someone with the same unique combination of personality traits that made him one of my good friends. He was a tad blunt, but always honest, had a big place in his heart for helping other people (often too big in some ways), and he loved all things mechanical and electrical. At the time of his death he was a GM dealership mechanic in FL, near where he lived with his brother and father. I learned a lot from him and his family, and I owe them all many thanks for the time they allowed me to become a virtual part of their family. I still have very vivid memories of many things we did together and of the kindness they all showed to me when I probably didn't deserve it very much.


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This was Car #5. It was the only car I ever co-owned with someone until I got married. It was the first experience with a broken bolt (actually, a broken tap!), my first experience with cooling system problems, and before I bought it, it was one of the cars I learned to drive in. As a result, I can parallel park just about anything. :-) It was also the first car that I topped 100 mph in and the first car I drag-raced someone in - and won.

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