1974 Ford Mustang II
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1974 Ford Mustang II

My first car - and it ended up being a parts car. Imagine that. It was a hatchback model with true dual exhaust, a 2.8L V6, console shifted automatic, full instrumentation, and a 2bbl carb. It may even have had air conditioning, but I can't remember very well anymore. I do remember the dash lights glowed a cool light green at night and it had a Grundig auto-reversing stereo cassette player installed in it. I don't have any photos of it that I know of, if I do find any, I'll be sure to post them here. The one below is a generic photo I found on the web, though it's not quite the right color - my car was light brown with a tan interior.

When I was only 16, I bought in non-running from a friend (Peter Longcope) for the paltry sum of $100, with a hope of getting it running again so I could drive it when I turned 17. (NJ didn't give out driver's licenses until you were 17...)  However, the problem turned out to be that the gear on the camshaft that drives the distributor had some of it's teeth partially gone, and as a result the distributor would jump around randomly while the engine was running - basically it would stall out and you'd have to remove the distributor, find TDC on #1, and re-install it again. Not fun. Fixing it would have meant tearing into the motor far enough to replace the camshaft, something far beyond my skills and budget at that time in my life. So, I quickly decided to part out what I could on the car to recoup my investment and dispose of the hulk. As I recall, the most notable trade here was that I got a 10Mb MFM hard drive (remember them? If you do - you are an old timer...) in exchange for the C4 transmission. I used that hard drive to run my BBS on for a couple of years. The dash cluster sat around for years and finally got sold off to a guy I met at college. I think in the end I may have actually made money on the deal, but not much. It was more of a learning experience.


Purchasing Order

This was Car #1. The one that started it all.

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