1980 Datsun 200SX - "Odie"
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This was my college car. Odie and I were close friends and saw well over 150,000 miles of road together. Alas, he is gone - you should read about his short-lived replacement for a better description of the legend. He met his demise in a shallow ditch to save the life of a wayward cat, and in saving the life of that cat, he became the second and final victim of my son's not quite complete mastery of driving a certain twisty road. (To his credit, at least he managed to not hit the cat.) If you are interested in the first victim, you can check out the page on the Fairmont station wagon.

A car with this much history behind it deserves to have that history preserved for all to see. I have various old photos of Odie laying around somewhere, but they're not easy to find. As I find them, I'll scan them in and add them to this page. If you knew Odie, and by chance have some pictures of him in his prime - please forward them to me for inclusion here.

The Photos

Leaving for Oak Harbor, WA from Pennsauken, NJ - my great cross-country migration. Check out how loaded down it was - the rear springs never did recover...

1980Datsun200SX001.jpg (281880 bytes) 1980Datsun200SX002.jpg (231314 bytes) 1980Datsun200SX003.jpg (306508 bytes) 1980Datsun200SX004.jpg (268337 bytes) 1980Datsun200SX005.jpg (406349 bytes)

In transit to Oak Harbor, WA... The first one was somewhere in the Midwest (Kansas, probably), the second was in Idaho, IIRC.

1980Datsun200SX006.jpg (312909 bytes) 1980Datsun200SX007.jpg (405289 bytes)

On arrival in Oak Harbor, WA

1980Datsun200SX008.jpg (319019 bytes) 1980Datsun200SX009.jpg (610835 bytes)

This is the only known picture after "the primer incident".

1980Datsun200SX010.jpg (348759 bytes)


Purchasing Order

This was Car #3. This was my first truly roadworthy car. It was also the first one that I owned for a long time - almost ten years and well over 100,000 miles - and it was the first car that I successfully did any major work on. It was also home to my first major stereo installation and my first attempt at building my own speaker boxes. And boy did they sound good, especially considering the low price I paid for everything.

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