1986 Dodge Van
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Another fine example of Mother Mopar's "Slant Six" powered engineering owned by my friend Jon. He has the "slant sickness" pretty bad. :-)


Original HEI module setup. We re-did this onto a much better aluminum bracket mounted up near the front of the engine compartment for better heat dissipation. I've started a tech page about this.

1986DodgeVan-HEIIgnitionModule 001.jpg (769086 bytes) 1986DodgeVan-HEIIgnitionModule 002.jpg (791183 bytes) 1986DodgeVan-HEIIgnitionModule 003.jpg (786705 bytes) 1986DodgeVan-HEIIgnitionModule 004.jpg (813881 bytes)

Original engine hoses and stuff. We needed to keep track of this to get it all back together after replacing a blown head gasket.

1986DodgeVan-EngineStuff 001.jpg (766698 bytes) 1986DodgeVan-EngineStuff 002.jpg (797225 bytes) 1986DodgeVan-EngineStuff 003.jpg (762726 bytes) 1986DodgeVan-EngineStuff 004.jpg (772288 bytes) 1986DodgeVan-EngineStuff 005.jpg (819761 bytes)


I've started a tech page for doing Slant Six tune-ups.

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