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I bought this truck to get the engine, AC system, and steering column - they're going to get used in a 1989 F150. The truck had been rolled before I got it, so most of the body was trashed beyond any possible use, but there are a few bits that are available, so if you need something that isn't already on the "not available" list below, ask.

I had to do a lot of work with a Sawzall before I could even get started working on this truck - I needed to cut off the tops of the doors and the roof to even get inside the cab. Even after that I needed to pry the doors open! Vehicles were not designed to support their weight when sitting upside-down on their roof, and when they come crashing down on the roof (aka, even more weight/force) the results get ugly really quick. I'm surprised the driver and passenger were able to walk away from this one, but thankfully, they did.


Identification Tags


1987FordF150PartsTruckVINPlate01.jpg (1730750 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruckVINPlate02.jpg (1769388 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruckVINPlate03.jpg (1673438 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruckVINPlate04.jpg (1386204 bytes)

Here's the VIN tag.


Here's how it breaks down.

  • 1FT means this is a Ford truck
  • C is the brake type (hydraulic) and gross weight rating (4001 to 5000 pounds)
  • F15 is the vehicle line, series, and body type (F150 regular cab 4x2)
  • N is the engine (5.0L EFI V8)
  • 7 is an "internal check digit" and it not interesting
  • H is the model year (1987)
  • P is the assembly plant (Twin Cities: St. Paul, Minnesota)
  • B52673 is the serial number of this vehicle, sequentially numbered as they came off the assembly line

Body Tag

Here's the info that was on the tag on the firewall just above the engine. There was an identical tag on the radiator core support.

2451 29  F15HPB52673


SS  M4    A   MP  HFDT


As of yet, I have no idea what that all decodes to.

Door Jamb Stickers

Here's the most important of the various door jamb stickers - the one with all the ID codes on it. Most of it is pretty obvious - basically everything except the last two lines. Those are the codes we're decoding here. The only non-obvious codes that I do not know how to decode are the two codes at the far right next to the VIN - "F0291" and "T0150". Oddly enough, of the three pictures below, the farthest away one came out the best. Whatever works, I guess...

1987FordF150PartsTruckDoorSticker01.jpg (1434677 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruckDoorSticker02.jpg (1360121 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruckDoorSticker03.jpg (1454860 bytes)

Here's the first line.

  • 51 is the exterior paint code for the "base color" (Medium Dark Fire Red).
  • 91 is the exterior paint code for the "side stripe color" (Light Chestnut).
  • 74 is the DSO - Domestic Special Order - Code, which for Ford can indicate what area of the country the dealer was in as well as some other data if the truck was ordered in some unique way (Seattle).

Here's the second line.

  • 133 is the wheelbase (133").
  • F152 is the body type (F15 = F150 regular cab 4x2, repeated from VIN) and GVW rating (2 = 6250lbs (?), 133" wheelbase).
  • TO? is the interior Fabric and seat type (T = Bodycloth Flight Bench), interior color code (O = ???), and cab/back of cab details (? = ???).
  • T is the transmission code (AOD).
  • 19 is the axle code (3.55 non-limited slip, 3800lbs).
  • 2 is the body tape code for the tape that separates the two body colors (Light Chestnut/Light Desert Tan).
  • D is the front spring code (Ford part #E0TA-5310-DC).
  • H is the rear spring code (Ford part #????-????-??).

Rear Axle Tag

I'll add info on this later after I crawl under the truck and get it.

EFI Computer

The computer was labeled with program code GU1, and it appears to be original. I have not found any reference to verify this as of yet, though.



Here's some pictures of the truck the night it arrived in my driveway.

1987FordF150PartsTruck001.jpg (3051940 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruck002.jpg (2907866 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruck003.jpg (2774290 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruck004.jpg (2730250 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruck005.jpg (2835270 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruck006.jpg (1608654 bytes)

Here's some better pictures of the truck.

1987FordF150PartsTruck007.jpg (2485366 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruck008.jpg (2168029 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruck009.jpg (2387451 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruck010.jpg (2189200 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruck011.jpg (2160014 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruck012.jpg (2197390 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruck013.jpg (1785242 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruck014.jpg (2144572 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruck015.jpg (2195981 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruck016.jpg (2239033 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruck017.jpg (1963989 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruck018.jpg (2213104 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruck019.jpg (2115608 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruck020.jpg (2080161 bytes)

To get inside the truck and steer it off the trailer, I had to pry the doors open and cut the roof off. Instant convertible!

1987FordF150PartsTruck021.jpg (2425164 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruck022.jpg (1827008 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruck023.jpg (2546715 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruck024.jpg (1881063 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruck025.jpg (2287893 bytes)

As soon as I could, I pulled the doors, cut off the A-pillars, smashed out the remaining bits of the bottom of the windshield so that I could tarp up the cab and keep the dash bits dry - I want to get a number of things from in there, and letting them get soaked as not a smart thing to do. Then I drained the radiator (lots of decent green anti-freeze - a very good sign the motor didn't freeze during our little cold snap), and pulled the front clip. I left the hood attached so I could lower it over the engine to help protect it until I can pull it. I also pulled the steering column, and then the dash as a unit. The main wiring connect at the firewall was stuck together so badly I had to Sawzall it apart. The center bolt would turn, but it would never some apart. That area of the truck had no accident damage, so I have no idea what was going on with it.

1987FordF150PartsTruck026.jpg (3286549 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruck027.jpg (2304922 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruck028.jpg (2807534 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruck029.jpg (3081640 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruck030.jpg (1933784 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruck031.jpg (2377414 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruck032.jpg (1974305 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruck033.jpg (2183318 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruck034.jpg (2169389 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruck035.jpg (2043174 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruck036.jpg (2153922 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruck037.jpg (2267370 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruck038.jpg (2363533 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruck039.jpg (2351885 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruck040.jpg (2141036 bytes)

Here's the cruise controls on the steering wheel. It's a simple 2 wire hookup that appears to match the existing steering column in the 1989 F150 this will be going into. One wire is the cruise control "signal" wire (the yellow wire), the other is for the horn (the blue wire). The various cruise control switches simply ground the signal wire with different resistances (via the black wire) and the cruise control module checks for those resistance values on the signal wire to know what to do. On the non-cruise setups, the horn is connected to both wires coming out of the column, so I imagine you have to adjust the wiring that goes to the column to account for this. We'll see about that when the time comes. It looks like this will be a pretty easy bolt-in - at least as far as the steering wheel goes. The center pad appears to be externally identical between the cruise and non-cruise setups - I guess it made dealer-installed cruise control a more viable option.

1987FordF150PartsTruck041.jpg (2132332 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruck042.jpg (2043408 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruck043.jpg (2300552 bytes) 1987FordF150PartsTruck044.jpg (2335941 bytes)

After pulling a few more bits, the truck was scrapped - I got about $50 for it.


What's Left?

Here's what's left of the truck that's in usable condition.

  • Driveshaft
  • Rear axle and associated suspension bits (with ABS sensor)
  • Front suspension and brake assemblies
  • Front anti-sway bar
  • Front headlight and parking light assemblies
  • Power steering box and steering linkage
  • Hood
  • Passenger's front fender
  • Passenger's side inner fender
  • Passenger's side taillight
  • Driver's front fender (slight damage, so it's cheap)
  • Driver's side inner fender
  • Rear bumper
  • Front gas tank
  • Rear gas tank
  • Tailgate
  • Instrument cluster
  • Radiator
  • Radiator core support
  • Power brake booster and master cylinder
  • Antilock brake system (controller, actuator, etc.)
  • Seat belts (they were not being worn when the truck rolled, so they're still in good shape)
  • Antenna
  • Some wiring

These parts are already gone, were damaged in the accident, or I'm keeping them for my own uses.

  • Engine
  • Automatic transmission with converter and linkage bits (AOD)
  • Aftermarket wheels with tires
  • Steering column and steering wheel
  • Cruise control system
  • AC system and interior heater controls
  • Bed
  • Driver's side taillight
  • Cab
  • Grill
  • Sheetmetal piece below grill
  • Front bumper
  • Front seat (damaged in accident)
  • Radio (missing when I got the truck)
  • Some wiring


Purchasing Order

This was vehicle #31. There was nothing particularly special about this vehicle.

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