1989 Ford F150 4x4 Parts Truck
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I bought this truck for $200 strictly as a parts truck to get the EFI fuel system (fuel tank, fuel pump, and fuel lines) for use in an EFI conversion on a friend's 1979 Ford F100. I may also keep the cruise control system along with any other odds and ends I can make use of. The rest of the truck is for sale, individually or as a unit. The body parts are in good shape, the bed has dual fuel doors (for dual tanks), and some of the interior bits look to be good as well. The truck is a "super cab" with red exterior and interior. It was originally equipped with a 5.0L EFI motor and and automatic transmission. As I received the truck, it had no motor, trans, transfer case, or steering column - so don't bother asking about them because I never had them. If, after reviewing the photos and details below, you believe I have stuff from this truck that you want/need, then ask me about it.

Here's the photos of the truck as it arrived in my driveway and before I cleaned out the crap the seller so nicely left in the bed of the truck.

1989FordF1504x4PartsTruck001.jpg (723168 bytes) 1989FordF1504x4PartsTruck002.jpg (730219 bytes) 1989FordF1504x4PartsTruck003.jpg (755104 bytes) 1989FordF1504x4PartsTruck004.jpg (745226 bytes) 1989FordF1504x4PartsTruck005.jpg (732845 bytes) 1989FordF1504x4PartsTruck006.jpg (791364 bytes) 1989FordF1504x4PartsTruck007.jpg (800008 bytes) 1989FordF1504x4PartsTruck008.jpg (726257 bytes) 1989FordF1504x4PartsTruck009.jpg (639007 bytes)


Identification Tags


Here's the VIN tag.


Here's how it breaks down.

  • 1FT means this is a Ford truck
  • E is the brake type (hydraulic) and gross weight rating (6001 to 7000 pounds)
  • X14 is the vehicle line, series, and body type (F150 super cab 4x4)
  • N is the engine (5.0L EFI V8)
  • 4 is an "internal check digit" and it not interesting
  • K is the model year (1989)
  • K is the assembly plant (Kansas City: Claycomo, Missouri)
  • B29850 is the serial number of this vehicle, sequentially numbered as they came off the assembly line

Body Tag

Here's the info from the body tag.

     2471 0420   KK

B29850 BS RI5 FF TP

   2H51 DT   SC  FI

   VG 2T



As of yet, I have no idea what that all decodes to.

Door Jamb Stickers

Here's the most important of the various door jamb stickers - the one with all the ID codes on it. Most of it is pretty obvious - basically everything except the last two lines. Those are the codes we're after. The only non-obvious codes that I do not know how to decode are the two codes at the far right next to the VIN - "F0087" and "T0314".

1989FordF1504x4PartsTruck010.jpg (784573 bytes)

Here's the first line.

  • 2H is the exterior paint code for the "base color" (Medium Cabernet).
  • 2D is the exterior paint code for the "side stripe color" (Medium Scarlet).
  • 74 is the DSO - Domestic Special Order - Code, which for Ford can indicate what area of the country the dealer was in as well as some other data if the truck was ordered in some unique way (Seattle).

Here's the second line.

  • 155 is the wheelbase (155").
  • X141 is the body type (X14 = F150 super cab 4x4, repeated from VIN) and GVW rating (1 = 6250lbs, 155" wheelbase).
  • LDM is the interior Fabric and seat type (L = Bodycloth Bench), interior color code (D = Canyon Red), and cab/back of cab details (M = Super Cab).
  • T is the transmission code (AOD).
  • 19 is the axle code (3.55 non-limited slip, 3800lbs).
  • 3 is the body tape code for the tape that separates the two body colors (Medium Charcoal/Red Orange).
  • D is the front spring code (Ford part #E0TA-5310-DC).
  • L is the rear spring code (Ford part #E3TA-5560-KA).

This sticker identifies the engine/EFI/emissions calibration.

1989FordF1504x4PartsTruck011.jpg (751648 bytes)

Just in case you were confused, this sticker reminds you this vehicle is not suitable to make an ambulance out of.

1989FordF1504x4PartsTruck012.jpg (804684 bytes)

This sticker was on the front driver's door jamb, and the others were on the rear driver's door jamb. I have no idea what it means, but it might be useful to decode something so I snapped a picture of it while I was there.

1989FordF1504x4PartsTruck013.jpg (778027 bytes)

Front Axle Tag

Here's the info from the front axle tag, which was (thankfully) still attached to one of the bolts on the axle cover. Judging by the amount of general grunge on the front axle, it looks like it's been in place since the truck was new and the axle cover has not been removed in a long time.

3.54  VEDE8TA LD

   V610335 3   -

NOTE: The bolded V characters are actually upside down triangles on the ID tag.

  • 3.54 is (I believe) the axle ratio
  • VEDE8TA is ???
  • LD is ???
  • V610335 is ???
  • 3 is ???
  • - is ???

Rear Axle Tag

The rear axle did not have an ID tag on it. Sadly, this is fairly common. Since the ID tags Ford uses are attached to the rear cover bolts, they get removed and lost whenever someone pulls the cover. Even a simple gear oil change or gear inspection can result in a lost ID tag. All signs pointed to the axle being original to the truck - the rear ABS sensor was there and hooked up, the rear anti-sway bar was there and hooked up, and the axle did not appear to have been removed. Even the aftermarket wheels on the rear axle matched the others that were on/with the truck. Since the front axle appears to be a 3.54 ratio unit, I would place a good bet that the rear axle is a 3.54 unit as well - the front and rear axle ratios have to match on 4x4 vehicles.


More Photos

Here are more photos of the truck as it slowly go parted out and sold off. And yes, it is sitting on stacks of old tires. I needed to use my trailer after removing the axles and my driveway was full. It was quite the low-tech engineering project to get the truck off the trailer and onto the tire stacks, especially since I did it by myself with nothing of that what you can see in the photos, a floor jack, and some jack stands. I can be fairly creative under time pressure, but I think my neighbors are quickly tiring of the "junkyard look" my side driveway has acquired, so I needed to do something about getting rid of this ASAP. It went back onto the trailer, got stripped to the bare shell, and hauled off for scrap. The interior was pretty complete and in good shape - even the headliner was good. The back seat needs a bit of cleaning, but is otherwise fine. It's vinyl so it won't be stained. Someone dip drip a glue-like substance on one spot of the rear seat, but it's barely noticeable with it installed.

1989FordF1504x4PartsTruck014.jpg (761085 bytes) 1989FordF1504x4PartsTruck015.jpg (801538 bytes) 1989FordF1504x4PartsTruck016.jpg (759143 bytes) 1989FordF1504x4PartsTruck017.jpg (786847 bytes) 1989FordF1504x4PartsTruck018.jpg (734768 bytes) 1989FordF1504x4PartsTruck019.jpg (772726 bytes) 1989FordF1504x4PartsTruck020.jpg (789718 bytes) 1989FordF1504x4PartsTruck021.jpg (786586 bytes) 1989FordF1504x4PartsTruck022.jpg (832240 bytes) 1989FordF1504x4PartsTruck023.jpg (712342 bytes) 1989FordF1504x4PartsTruck024.jpg (718077 bytes) 1989FordF1504x4PartsTruck025.jpg (776434 bytes) 1989FordF1504x4PartsTruck026.jpg (784135 bytes) 1989FordF1504x4PartsTruck027.jpg (763110 bytes) 1989FordF1504x4PartsTruck028.jpg (728751 bytes) 1989FordF1504x4PartsTruck029.jpg (765147 bytes)


What's Left?

Here's what's left of the truck that is in usable condition.

  • Rear axle with brakes and anti-sway bar
  • Front axle with brakes, locking hubs, and suspension bits
  • Front anti-sway bar
  • Front springs
  • Instrument cluster
  • Power steering box (w/ return line attached)
  • Drivers side door glass
  • Drivers side door
  • Drivers rear side window
  • Passengers side front fender and inner fender
  • Passengers rear side window
  • Passengers side headlight assembly
  • Aftermarket wheels (three with tires, one without a tire)
  • Red interior panels and seats
  • Red dash
  • Rear red vinyl bench seat (folds down flat to make some interior cargo space)
  • Windshield wiper system
  • Some wiring
  • Front fuel tank and pump
These parts are already gone.
  • Engine and EFI system
  • Transmission
  • Transfer case
  • Driveshafts
  • Steering column
  • Radiator
  • Rear leaf springs
  • Drivers vent window
  • Rear window
  • Windshield
  • Rear fuel tank
  • Front bumper
  • Bed, with dual fuel doors and bed liner
  • Tail lights
  • Drivers side front fender and inner fender
  • Drivers side headlight assembly
  • Core support
  • Some wiring
  • Rear ABS system
  • Cruise control system
  • AC and heater system
  • Rear bumper
  • Cab
  • Frame
  • Hood
  • Front sheetmetal piece that goes between bumper and radiator grill (has 4x4 emblem on it in the pictures)
  • Passengers side door glass
  • Passengers side vent window
  • Passengers side door
  • Front red cloth bench seat (split folding back for rear seat access)


Purchasing Order

This was vehicle #28. There was nothing particularly special about this vehicle.

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