2002 Saturn L100
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This page is all about the first new Saturn I bought in February 2002 for my wife and (at that time) soon to arrive daughter. As of May 2003, it was replaced with a newer version.


A new 2002 Saturn... "Shiney..."2002 Saturn L100 Limited Edition Sedan

  • Specs:
    • 2.2L 4 cylinder engine
    • Electronic Fuel Injection
    • Automatic Transmission with Overdrive
    • Front Wheel Drive
    • ABS and Traction Control
    • Remote Keyless Entry with Security System
    • "Reduced Force" Front and Side Impact Air Bags
    • Air Conditioning
    • Rear Window Defogger
    • Power Steering
    • Power Brakes
    • Power Windows
    • Power Door Locks
    • Power Trunk Release
    • Tilt Wheel
    • Cruise Control
    • Automatic Headlight Controls
    • 8 speaker AM/FM/CD Audio System
    • 60/40 Fold Down Rear Seats
    • Styled Aluminum Wheels
    • Rear Spoiler
    • Spiffy Color Matched Side Stripe and Rear Bumper Writing
    • 100,000 miles before it's first tune-up
    • And best of all...A Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty!

If you don't know me you're thinking "So you bought your wife a car. Yay. So what?" and if you do know me you're thinking "Where the hell is Mike and what have you done with him?!!?!" So, for both groups, an explanation.

My wife, Deb, is a great lady. She puts up with me (a feat of untold measure in and of itself) and is a great wife. She has one unfortunate problem though - she has the touch of death for all things mechanical. Seriously. Ever known anyone who had to replace their wiper linkage because it broke/fell apart? Pretty rare, right? Well, I've done just that for Deb - three times so far on three separate cars! Yikes! It's not that she's doing anything wrong, it's just that Mr. Murphy rides shotgun with her and he likes to drive me crazy. I was spending all of my "hobby time" keeping her car on the road instead of enjoying working on my cars. And that gets old real fast. So I'd pretty much had it and I decided she needed a new car with a warranty so I could go back to enjoying my hobby again.

With this in mind, I went all out and bought her all the stuff I swore I'd never buy in a car - but only as a self-defense mechanism.  The logic is that I am emotionally incapable of becoming attached to and interested in working on a boring/bland 4 door family hauler. So I bought her exactly that knowing full well that I would never have any interest in even cracking the hood. I've always said I'd hot-rod anything, right? Well, close. I simply can't get interested in a car like this. It's just too bland. It's got no character, no quirks, no sexy sheet metal, no chrome. Nothing. Power everything, and a warranty to boot. Where's the fun in that? (Fun by my definition relating to cars, mind you. :-) Oil needs changing? She can take it to Jiffy Lube. Tires need rotating? I'll tell her where Les Schwab is. Funny rattle when she goes over bumps? The dealer will be more than happy to honor their warranty. Basically, it's her car. Period. I play chauffer and drive the family around sometimes, but it's hers to drive and take care of. I earn the money so she can make the payments to leave me alone. It's the same logic as buying your wife a ticket to a "girl movie" so you can stay home and watch the game/race/whatever - just a lot more expensive. The nice side effect being that my daughter has a nice safe car to get carted around in. OK, so it's not exactly a side effect, but you get the idea.

Now that you know this is really still Mike and I haven't lost all of my marbles (just most of them), I'm heading back to the garage to have some fun with my cars. So if you want to find me, look under the hood of one of my cars - other than my wife's Saturn, that is. :-)


Purchasing Order

This was Car #17. My first new car. The first car I bought completely on financing. The first car I bought with no intention of ever caring about what was under the hood so long as it started and ran.

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