Buick Casting Flash Cleanup
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This is pretty simple stuff - just grind off the casting flash inside the engine. This removes a number of potential stress risers that could later form cracks. It also makes life much easier during the rebuild - no sharp edges to slice through the tender flesh on your fingers. Be aware that cutting and grinding cast iron makes an incredible amount of very fine dust. That's why the lifter valley looks gray in the "after" photo - that's all the dust that this grinding work created.

The lifter valley area is a good place to start.

BuickCastingFlashRemoval01.jpg (785186 bytes) BuickCastingFlashRemoval02.jpg (800529 bytes) Before. Note the excessive casting flash in the lifter valley openings.

BuickCastingFlashRemoval03.jpg (790152 bytes) BuickCastingFlashRemoval04.jpg (818034 bytes) After. Note the removal of all of the thin casting flash from around the lifter valley openings.


You can also clean up the casting flash around the bottom end of the motor.

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