Carb Adaptors and Spacers
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Carb spacers are one of those nifty life-savers when you need them, but until you've seen one you probably don't know what it is or even if they exist. You can put spacers in two places - between the carb and the intake, and between the carb and the air cleaner. The under-carb spacers are pretty well known and obvious. but the spacers for the air cleaner are less well known, but very handy.

Carb Adaptors and Spacers

Eventually I'll write something helpful here about carb adaptors and spacers and such. For now, you'll just have to email me if you want to know what I have to say about this.

Air Cleaner Adaptors and Spacers

Below are some pictures of a 1" spacer I used on a air cleaner swap on my '70 Electra to use a drop-base 14" air cleaner I had laying around - it's the black ring sitting on top of the carb - the fourth picture is of the ring by itself so you can "find" it in the the other photos. The spacer was needed because air cleaner base hit the throttle linkage and caused it to hang open at the 3/4 throttle mark - oops! You simply put the spacer on top of the carb, then the air cleaner on top of the spacer. This particular spacer has a small ridge in the top edge to help the air cleaner base fit tightly. Other than a longer air cleaner stud because the top of the air cleaner is farther away from the carb top, it's a real cheap thing to do - the spacer was something like $5 at my local parts store and it saved me from having to buy a new air cleaner to complete this swap.

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