Engine Assembly Order
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This is a quick crib sheet for those of us who do this often enough to know what we're doing, but not so often that we always remember every little detail. Rather than refer back to the manual every time, just print out the relevant section and have no fear of getting it greasy out in the garage working on the engine. Keep in mind this is just a crib sheet for the order of the items, not details on torque specs and the like. Follow up on those in the proper sections of the manuals for your engine. This work will require you to turn the engine over several times, so use common sense about when turn things upright to make them easier to work on.

These sections all assume you've:

  • Gathered all the relevant parts, gaskets, etc.
  • Had the proper machine work done
  • Cleaned everything to your satisfaction
  • Painted everything you care to paint ahead of time
  • Have the engine block on an engine stand ready to be reassembled
  • Have the proper tools present (torque wrench, ring compressor, etc.)
  • Have plenty of assembly lube ready to be used; relevant steps are marked with (AL)
  • Have engine oil on hand to apply some oil to various parts

The last section is also a basic list of what to do to get the engine from the stand and into the vehicle. It includes reminders about things like doing a final pre-lube and various other things.


Ford V8

  1. Install main bearings and crankshaft (AL)
  2. Install piston/rod assembly with rod bearings (AL)
  3. Install camshaft (AL)
  4. Install timing chain (oil chain lightly)
  5. Install timing cover
  6. Install oil pump
  7. Install rear main seal
  8. Install oil pan
  9. Install valve lifters
  10. Install heads
  11. Install pushrods
  12. Install rocker arms
  13. Install intake manifold
  14. Install exhaust manifolds
  15. Adjust initial valve clearances
  16. Install harmonic balancer
  17. Install dipstick assembly
  18. Install oil filter
  19. Add oil
  20. Prelube engine, check for leaks
  21. Set engine to TDC at firing stroke on cylinder #1
  22. Install valve covers
  23. Place rag in distributor hole
  24. Install spark plugs
  25. Run spark plug wires from spark plugs to near distributor area


Buick V8

(Coming soon)


Chevy V8

(Coming soon)


Engine Install List

  1. Remove engine from stand
  2. Install flexplate (automatic) or flywheel + clutch + pressure plate (manual)
  3. Install engine in vehicle and hook up to transmission
  4. Install and tighten all engine/transmission mounting bolts
  5. Hook up exhaust
  6. Install front pulley
  7. Install water pump
  8. Install front accessory brackets and accessories
  9. Install water pump pulley and fan (if used)
  10. Install serpentine or V belts as required
  11. Hook up wiring
  12. Install EFI system or carb
  13. Prelube engine once more, check for oil pressure
  14. Install distributor, set initial timing
  15. Hook up spark plug wires to distributor cap

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