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Modern cars have a feature called "express power windows" or "one touch power windows" where one-touch of the power window switch will roll the window all the way down. Some have this for rolling up the windows as well. It's quite handy to have, especially for the driver's window. Adding this feature to older cars is pretty straightforward once you know how.


Option #1: Junkyard Scrounging

For those of us who spend a fair amount of time in a junkyard, being able to grab a simple piece of wiring and adapt it to your car is often the easiest and cheapest route. Do do this, you need to use a Ford module - Ford part #F2DB-14B118-AB - that allows you to add do this feature for any single window in any single direction. As best I can tell, the best donors are the 1992-1995 "Generation 2" Taurus and Sables. They may be used in other years and models, but the various pages that mention this swap all seem to say these are the years to look for and that later years went to an integrated controller of some kind that is virtually impossible to retrofit into other cars. You need to get one module from a junkyard for every window and direction you want to add this feature to - each module can add the express feature to one window for one direction only. (Two modules can be hooked up to the same window to get express down and up, but think carefully before adding express up because of the obvious safety concerns of having the ability to close the window with one touch even if something like your arm or head is in the way...) They are pretty simple to hook up once you know what the wires go to. A quick search of the part number on Google should find you a bunch of places that describe the wiring and how these things work. They also show up on eBay occasionally.  They are typically $5 or less when you get them from the junkyard, but they are a bit bulky if you want to add this for multiple windows and directions. Mounting one in each door is an easy way to get the down feature on that window, and all of the wires you need will be at each switch. You could even add this for power tailgates - like the one I have on my 1975 Suburban - if you wanted to. Any power operated motor circuit that you wanted to be able to automatically go all the way to one end of it's travel could use this module to control it.

FordPowerWindowOneTouchRelay.jpg (39126 bytes)

From what I can tell, the connections on the module are numbered 1 through 5, and although some of the wire colors coming out of the connector change based on exactly what model/year vehicle the module was installed in, the functions are the same. Note that for the #1/#2 wires you need to cut the wire to the power window motor and splice the module "in line" so it can interrupt the power to the window. For the #4 connection, you merely want to connect to the existing wire so the module knows if you tap the power window switch in the other direction so you can cancel the express part-way. The power connection at #3 is also a simple  connection to the existing wire, and ground can be to an existing ground wire or any accessible ground connection.

  •  1 - Output to the power window motor
  •  2 - Input from the power window switch
  •  3 - Power in to the module (splice into the power wire that feeds the power window switch)
  •  4 - Connection to the other direction on the power window motor
  •  5 - Ground


Option #2: Aftermarket Solutions

Another option is using one of the various aftermarket modules that enable this. They vary in specifics, but they all do the same basic thing. They range in price from $20 up to around $60, but some handle multiple windows and may be a bit more intelligent than the Ford module, or they could be even more basic. It depends on the specifics of the unit, so if you decide to go this route, make sure that the unit you purchase does exactly what you want it to. You may have to actually wire up and use the module to see how it works in your specific application to determine if you like it or not.

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