Pertronix Ignitor Conversions
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This page is all about the Pertronix Ignitor points-replacement systems. You can use these without an external ignition box, or you can hook these up as the triggering system for an MSD Ignition System for a really potent ignition system.

The instructions below are from the fine folks at Pertronix and explain how to install their Ignitor system for Chrysler 6 and 8 cylinder engines originally equipped with points. The notes about the coil resistance are very important - if you install something like a MSD Blaster coil and just try to hook it all up without using an MSD box, you won't like what you get. :-)

PetronixIgnitor001.jpg (117100 bytes) PetronixIgnitor002.jpg (95228 bytes) PetronixIgnitor003.jpg (57753 bytes) PetronixIgnitor004.jpg (126040 bytes) PetronixIgnitor005.jpg (246352 bytes)

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