Reinstalling Door Splash Shields
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Ever had to reinstall (or just install, period) the plastic or heavy coated paper splash shields that go behind the door panel and protect it from water splashing down inside the door? What do you do if the sticky goo that holds the splash shields in place is gone or no longer sticky? I had tried a few options from various forms of tape (they all fell off after a few years) to other sticky substances, and then I came across something called "strip caulk" that is used in body work. 3M makes this and I got a box at my local parts store. It comes pre-cut into 1/8" wide strips that you pull off the wax paper separators and stick on the door, then you stick the splash shield to the strip caulk. It holds nicely, stays sticky for what appears to be forever and allows you to pull the splash shield off and reposition it if needed. The box of strip caulk I bought had been sitting on the shelf for years with no loss in stickiness, so it ought to do fine inside the door. Wear gloves when working with this stuff - otherwise it'll be a pain to get off your hands. It really is sticky beyond belief!

StripCaulk1.jpg (2313868 bytes) StripCaulk2.jpg (2192754 bytes)

So far this has been the best option I've found. If you know of a better one, let me know.

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