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Parts Needed

First of all, go see my page on doing a Mopar HEI Conversion to move out of the stone-age of points or off of the expensive and not-completely great factory electronic ignition setups.

Next, you'll need a few parts for your tune-up. The list below was gleaned from various slant six related discussion boards and is best represented by this thread on the site.

  •  Stuff to buy at your favorite NAPA:
    • Cap: Standard-Bluestreak CH-410X
    • Rotor: NAPA Echlin MO-3000 (usually special order; DON'T use an Echlin cap)
    • Plugs: NGK V-power plugs
      • ZFR5N is for the 1963-1974 heads (do not use the metal gasket on the spark plugs)
      • TR-4 is for the 1975 and later heads. (I need to confirm this part #.)
    • Condenser: AL111X (not used on electronic ignition systems)
  •  Stuff to buy direct from the manufacturer:
    • Plug wires: Magnecor P/N 6008 (7mm), 6708 (8mm) or 6508 (8.5mm)


Performing the Tune-up

I've posted a Word doc file on how to do Slant Six Tune-ups that was used to give a friend's 1964 Valiant it's first one in a long time. The document seems to be helpful, so have at it. I can't seem to find out who originally wrote it, so if you wrote that document and are reading this, let me know so I can give you credit here. Follow the directions in the Word doc to do the various things you need to do and install your spiffy new parts along the way. If you managed to not butcher anything too badly, and your engine has no major internal issues, then you should be much happier with the way your car runs when you are done.

Spark plug gap depends on if you are using electronic ignition or not, the engine, etc. The thread I linked to recommends .040" if you've got a '74-down style head with the spark plug tubes. HEI ignitions should be able to run a bit more gap - .045" or so, sometimes more if you have a really hot spark. As long as your ignition system can get the spark to reliably jump the plug gap, more gap is generally a better thing, so experiment a bit and see what your engine likes.

If you are running the '74 and earlier heads, make sure that you do NOT use the metal washers/gaskets that come with the spark plugs.

Comments? Kudos? Got some parts you'd like to buy/sell/barter/swap? Nasty comments about my web page so far? You can email Mike or Debbie.

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