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Mike's Tools

As I've worked on various cars, puzzled through the questions of "exactly how do you do <insert task here>?" and tried to learn how to make the most of my limited skills and resources, I've accumulated and built some pretty cool tools. I'm a huge fan of buying the stuff you need or building it from scratch rather than renting it or paying someone else to do the work. It pays for itself quickly if you use the tools, and you get the flexibility to do stuff the way you want to do it when you want to do it. Nothing beats being able to spend the time to get something just right when you have the time to do it without worrying about it costing more in shop labor or having to be done before a 5pm rental return deadline. Besides, most of this stuff is just plain cool.

I'm not going to list the Usual Suspects like a rollaway tool chest, a workbench, the pile of socket sets, screwdrivers, pliers, and hammers I've got - those are common things ever basic shop needs to have and they are easy enough to find at your local Sears. This page is instead focused on some of the more unusual tools I have ended up with and why you should use them. Most of them are things most any well-versed gearhead is aware of, but not many folks have them. I'm detailing them here so you can see what I have done with them and why you should consider investing in these same types of tools for your shop. I've found it best to simply buy the right tools when you need them for a new project or repair job. That way you have them for future work, and for other tasks that they can help you get done without paying for tool rentals or paring for other folks to do the job for you.

Comments? Kudos? Got some parts you'd like to buy/sell/barter/swap? Nasty comments about my web page so far? You can email Mike or Debbie.

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